Truck tie down is about quite some different things to different people, we will talk about trailer tie down in this article, more precisely, we will talk about flat beds only, probably you’ve already seen them on the highway or truck stop.

When the jobs come your way, odds are you are not going to decide what kind of stuff will be put on your truck, the only thing you can do is to prepare for all the options , it’s almost always not for you to decide what load will be on your vehicle . When it comes to flatbed truck , the first thing comes up will be the truck winches, you can see those flatbeds with truck winches at one side on the highway all the time, with those winches it’s easy for the driver to tie down loads with just winch straps with the help of winch bar .

Usually portable winch and winch strap are most popular tie down devices for flat beds . When you work with truck winches and winch straps, there is one thing you can’t live without: winch bars, these steel bars are definitely needed for your job, so get one if you don’t already have one.

Some trailers come with winches installed, not all trailers have winches installed. When the flat bed have the winches installed, we can use winch tie down straps to tie down articles on the trailer , usually we tie down steel coils, concrete pipes, skids, anything that not too heavy for the the straps’ working load limit. Winch straps usually come with flat hooks, because we usually hook the straps on the edge of the trailer, of course the double J hook can be used too. For most flatbeds there are 2” and 4” truck winches , but winch straps have width of 2”, 3” and 4”, it’s obvious you can put 3” winch straps in 4” winches, when we look at the length of the winch strap, the range is pretty wide for regular use, from around 20 feet to more than 60 feet, 27′ and 30′ being the most common length available.

OK, now let’s look at ratchet straps which are the most popular tie down devices for all kinds of trucks or hauling  businesses. Usually the ratchet straps are assemblies of ratchet buckles and nylon or polyester webbing tie down strap, there are fixed end straps with ratchet buckles and loose end straps.

Ratchet straps are most selected tie down devices due to their capability , you can put them almost anywhere when it’s applicable. The ratchet straps may have flat hooks, double J hooks, chain anchors, cloth loops or just plain straps at both ends, probably some special made ratchets have some other funny ends, say, D ring? And it’s width can be 1” through 4”, length can be a few inches to more than 50 feet . The reason we say that ratchet straps are most popular tie down devices for most trucks can be found in this paragraph, even for flatbeds which use winch straps extensively may find ratchet straps attractive if there are no winches installed on the truck.

To buy these tie down straps, you have the choice between local stores and online stores . Depends on your available options , sometimes get them locally is more appropriate , sometimes online deals are much better. To help you make decision you need accurate and non altered information on the vendors, you can check out online forums, blogs and  opinion sites to figure all of these out before you go all in.

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Truck winches and winch straps mostly have been seen on flatbeds, a big chunk of flatbeds sold with winches installed, when the drivers put the loads on the truck, they only need winch straps and winch bars to tie loads down. A few different kinds of truck winches are available, most seen ones are slide in winches and weld on winches, to use slide in winches the flatbeds have to have rails installed at one side of the truck bed, 2” and 4” are most popular sizes of truck winches, and of course we can say that 2” & 4” winch straps are the most popular ones, 3” winch straps are not that popular but you still can see them from time to time.

The way the truck winch and strap system works is pretty simple, the mandrel, the part into which you can insert the tie down strap, can be used to tighten the winch straps easily, thus tie the loads down pretty much by just put winch bar into the winch side hole then turn as many rounds as needed until the loads are secured properly. The barrel across the winch body has holes at one end, a  gear at the other end, the part between the winch body is mandrel, the winch strap can be inserted into it, close the brake on the gear will allow you the tighten the straps over the load, since the gear is only allowed to go one direction, When unloading your flatbed, you can open the brake on the gear, loose the strap a bit, get the hook off and retract the winch strap by turning the winch barrel the other way, when you are at it you will find it’s so easy, even…can dot it. You are required to use a winch bar with the truck winch, you can use something like a wood stick or wood beam with, it’s not safe and not legal as well.

There usually are 2 kind of standard winch bars, chromated one and black one, and two different combination winch bars, chromated and painted half yellow, you can find them online or locally. Sometimes people get confused with all the different winch bars, they are only used with truck winches after all, why all the different styles? It all comes down to personal preferences and specific needs, for instance, with combination winch bar you can use something else with it, say using a standard winch bar with a combination winch bar under some special circumstances.

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