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“Interweaving the history and culture of the time, this fine documentary presents traditional Chinese art for those who cannot visit in person.” — Booklist

“Recommended highly for high school, college and university levels as well as for public library and community audiences.” – Sightlines

This spectacular film brings to light the priceless treasures of China’s Imperial art collection, relating them to the political climate of their time. It is an unforgettable glimpse into another culture and another age.

Miraculously, the treasures survived the turbulence of war and revolution. When the Japanese invaded China in the 1930’s, the precious works of art were spirited out of the Forbidden City (so richly evoked in The Last Emperor). For years the collection was hidden all over China in caves, temples and school houses. Worth untold millions, it became the symbol of China’s cultural survival.

The Emperor’s Eye is also the tale of a passionate collector, Emperor Chien Lung, whose quest to create the greatest art collection in the world was actually a bid for his own immortality. Filmed with the cooperation of the Taipei National Palace Museum, the documentary shows the precious artworks – jade dragons, landscape painting, delicate porcelains, ancient bronze urns – that so few Westerners are privileged to see.

As the definitive film on traditional Chinese Art and culture, The Emperor’s Eye will satisfy the curiosity of a wide spectrum of viewers-from experts in Asian Studies to armchair travelers and art lovers.

Executive Producer: Alvin H. Perlmutter
Producer/Director: Lisa Hsia
NTSC 4:3 – 57-minutes
© 1989 & 2011 Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc.

CINE, Gold Eagle, 1990
Golden Apple, National Educational Film Festival, 1990

Duration : 0:56:42

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