China Nails Art by LuvableNails

On August 24, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

0 China Nails Art by LuvableNailsChina nail art. Thank you for watching.

This is an ORIGINAL video I created and uploaded by me.
There is NO commercial content or no one has paid me to do it.

Duration : 0:2:32

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Paper Cutting, a Popular Folk Art

On October 15, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

0 Paper Cutting, a Popular Folk ArtFor higher resolution watch / to watch more on youtube : choose playlist and then “Journey to the east”

Paper cutting is a popular folk art in rural China for several thousand years. Today we will present you some techniques and themes of this folk art.

Duration : 0:13:9

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Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking

On August 22, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

0 Mastering the Art of Chinese CookingThis new masterwork of Chinese cuisine showcases acclaimed chef Eileen Yin-Fei Lo’s decades of culinary virtuosity. A series of lessons build skill, knowledge, and confidence as Lo guides the home cook step by step through the techniques, ingredients, and equipment that define Chinese cuisine. With more than 100 classic recipes and technique illustrations throughout, Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking makes the glories of this ancient cuisine utterly accessible. Stunning color photography reveals the treasures of old and new China, from the zigzagging alleys of historical Guangzhou to the bustle of city centers and faraway Chinatowns, as well as wonderful ingredients and gorgeous finished dishes. Step-by-step brush drawings illustrate Chinese cooking techniques. This lavish volume takes its place as the Chinese cookbook of choice in the cook’s library. Learn more at 9780811859332&store=books

Duration : 0:3:16

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chinese art by jusuuh

On June 20, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

0 chinese art by jusuuhhey!

time to release my first really longer movie project icon smile chinese art by jusuuh

this isn’t maybe masterpiece of art, i lost my motivation and time during the edit. you can see that from last part, but i hope you enjoy icon smile chinese art by jusuuh

movie made for #team-china who made the awesome jumps. they really showed again the chinese skill to whole world! players who made the jumps are: k3g, i3s, zefix, ziper, iceman, skicg, missi0n, 26 and tragedy!

so they made the jumps, and i edited this as a my first movie under tag of KZ-Pictures. i hope you really enjoy!


duration – 08:42
codec – ffdshow x264/h264
filesize – 335 mb

by jusuuh

Duration : 0:8:43

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The Contemporary Chinese Art

On June 16, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

0 The Contemporary Chinese ArtContemporary Chinese art (中国当代艺术, Zhongguo Dangdai Yishu) often referred to as Chinese avant-garde art, continued to develop since the 1980s as an outgrowth of modern art developments post-Cultural Revolution. Contemporary Chinese Art fully incorporates painting, film, video, photography, and performance. Until recently, art exhibitions deemed controversial have been routinely shut down by police, and performance artists in particular faced the threat of arrest in the early 1990s. More recently there has been greater tolerance by the Chinese government, though many internationally acclaimed artists are still restricted from media exposure at home or have exhibitions ordered closed. Leading contemporary visual artists include Ai Weiwei, Cai Guoqiang, Cai Xin, Fang Lijun, Huang Yan, Huang Yong Ping, Kong Bai Ji, Lu Shengzhong, Ma Liuming, Ma Qingyun, Song Dong, Li Wei, Christine Wang, Wang Guangyi, Wang Qingsong, Wenda Gu, Xu Bing, Yang Zhichao, Zhan Wang, Zhang Dali, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Huan, Zhu Yu, Yan Lei, and Zhang Yue.

Artists on order of exposition:
Fang Lijun

Li Songsong

Liu Wei

Miao Xiaochun

Qiu Jie

Shen Shaomin

Shi Jinsong

Wang Guangyi

Wu Shanzhuan

Xiang Jing

Yue Minjun

Zeng Fanzhi

Zhang Dali

Zhang Haiying

Zhang Hongtu

Zhang Huan

Zhang Peng

Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaotao

Yin Zhaohui

Feng Zhengjie

The Saatchi Gallery

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu
Moonlight Reflected On The Er-Quan Spring, Lei Qiang

Duration : 0:5:50

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