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Hi you guys! Here it finally is, the nail art haul from my trip to China. I found loads of beautiful goodies there and I am so happy to show you what I found! Rhinestones, glitters, beads, nail art tools, fimos.. you name it, they got it in China. I was so happy to find all those things I can’t find in northern Finland during my trip and with a fraction of the prize. You also asked me to find out what the nail art was like in there, so I added a section dedicated to that at the end of the video. I had my nails done in there twice so I also show you what I wore on my nails during the trip :)

The trip itself was awesome, we had such a good time the whole journey! We were backpacking there and it felt like a true adventure. We only had the flights and 2 first nights booked. We booked the rest of the hostels as we moved on. It was interesting since most of the people didn’t speak english, but we got our messages trough with gestures and a few awkward chinese words 😀 The people were so friendly and kind there, just lovely! During the trip we went to Hong Kong and visited the Peak, shopped, and went sightseeing. Then our trip continued to Hainan island by train and there we went to Sanya – a beach city. We visited a monkey island and saw monkeys live in the first time in our lives. That was so cool! We also ate good seafood, laid on the beach, swam and enjoyed the lovely atmosphere. Then we took the train to Haikou, the northern part of the island, and visited an old volcano crater. We spent the new year there. Lastly we returned to Hong Kong for some last minute shopping, last minute chinese food eating and a lot of geocaching before our flight back home in the middle of ice and snow.

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Disclaimer: I have permission to take and use the pictures of all the nail designs shown at the end of the video. All products were purchased by me. I have no connection to any of the company brands I mention in this video or in the information box. I won’t get financial benefits for mentioning any of the products shown in this video.

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