Chinese art 2 – by ndR

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0 Chinese art 2   by ndRHello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m proud to present to you today my latest work.

It took me several months to achieve this project, with a huge inactivity gap in the middle – I just couldn’t give up and let the project die on my Hard Disk, this is why I had to rush the 2nd half of the movie.

Contrary to what the title says and what you could expect, I tried to break the stereotypes we all have about China, this is why you’ll be able experience a KZ movie with powerful music, but not mainstream.

I thought some RL footages could add a bit to the whole project, without being its main point, I hope you’ll also enjoy this side.

Contacts and other informations (e.g. Soundtrack) are at the end of the video.

I hope you’ll have a good time watching it, and feel free to share it around you if you think it’s worth it.


Duration : 0:7:4

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