I’m black and 11 years old so nothing that’ll show to much skin outfit ideas send me links stores I should shop at I need your HELP!!! I wanna be like Jade

I am going to answer your question, but seriously be yourself…:)








6 Responses to How can I dress Like Jade West from Victorious?

  1. Mrs. SLK €uro Kid says:

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  2. Aisha says:

    well jade usaully wears really dark colors like black or navy….u can pretty much get those colors (and more) at any store…kohls sells lots of outfits from victorious
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  3. biserramsey1 says:

    u could put blue sray on die in ur hair and u could wear a black shirt and black or some of a color skinny jeans and so heels and a shoulder bag like her
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  4. A Girl With Questions says:

    Just wear black, she also has blue streaks in her hair for a few episodes, umm paint nails black, wear black boots she wears ripped leggings in one episode and has a bag with monkey fur, but you could get just a furry black bag.
    It might be fun to dress like her but dont try and be her shes mean and no one likes her.
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  5. CherryBlossom says:

    Be yourself. Not anyone else. Its your life,your image. Check online stores for that emo/punk clothing. I like her clothing too. Shes pretty. Nordstrom.com. Check for cute clothing. :)
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