I need a nice and uncommon name for a baby boy. Maybe any of you answerers can help. Giving me the name, its origin and meaning will greatly be appreciated. I am not really into feng shui, but a lucky first name which you can relate to feng shui is something I may find interesting too.

Sade, Adrienne,Xander,Noah,Keanu,Jade…. Good luck. :)

www.babynamesworld.com shows origin,gender,meaning etc. Hope this helps.


22 Responses to What do you think would be a nice and unique baby boy’s first name?

  1. witchfromoz2003 says:

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  2. Bert T says:

    I still like Pubert.
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  3. Mahal says:


    I always liked that name.
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  4. Mr B says:

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  5. scruffycat says:

    Well, there’s always the characters from one of my favorite books, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.
    My favorite character was Ponyboy and one of his brothers was Soda Pop. The other brother was Darry.
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  6. angelsrock says:

    Tyson. It’s different from Tye.
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  7. ashleyd8402 says:

    Jace or Trey

    I LOVE them both!!!
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  8. Aaron says:

    personally, i like Thor. besides who in their right mind is going to mess with the norse god of thunder?
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  9. Mrs H 2b! says:

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  10. JAMI E says:

    Majad. Thats my boys name and the kids would not know how to say it properly and would call him magic
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  11. Celene says:

    gustavo-pronounced goo-stah-vo(as in volcano)-chile
    frederick-germany…can be modified to Fritz
    esteban-pronounced S(as in the alfabet)tay(as in take)vahn(von-Chile
    Sebastian-pronounced Say-bah(as in the sheep sound)sti(as in sting)ahn(kinda like on)-chile
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  12. Natas Gold says:

    Zachary. Other then our 12th prseident, I never hear this name being used. Most likely his friends will call him Zack for short. Its meaning is: God Remembered Orgin: Hebrew
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  13. Ana says:

    Sade, Adrienne,Xander,Noah,Keanu,Jade…. Good luck. :)

    http://www.babynamesworld.com shows origin,gender,meaning etc. Hope this helps.
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  14. Joy says:


    A contraction of De Exeter, from the city of Exeter, in Devonshire, England; anciently written Excester, from Exe, the name of the river on which it is situated, and cester, a camp or town, for the derivation of which see Chester.
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    Great Site For Name Origin Research.

  15. norcalguy559 says:

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  16. FUNNY GIRL says:

    how about Reef
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  17. rachel c says:

    leighton is my favourite
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  18. Kenny says:

    dont make it tooo uncommon or it is going to be hard life for the kid in school.
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  19. sheila says:


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  20. Sexy says:

    Name him after a university or a school you went to or even a city. Like Princeton, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, Colorado, Denver.
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    My son’s name is Princeton Law.

  21. MOMMY585 says:

    Orion (like the stars)
    Sorry, I don’t have the meaning. I would say away from Dweezle though lol. I love unique names but in your search may I suggest keeping in mind how other children might make fun of the name. The child won’t care about how uncommon the name is if he is always being teased infact he might hate you for it if it is too easy to come up with ways to make fun of it. Good luck.
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  22. LYRICSORUS says:

    I dunno about the whole feng shui thing but my son’s name is Trevian, pronounced TRAY-vee-ehn. I think it’s pretty cool.
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