The ancient teachings of Wing Chun by Grandmaster IP Man

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24 Responses to Wing Chun Basic Techniques part 3 Chinese Fight Art

  1. forest69ist says:

    bruce lee said that
    bruce lee said that

  2. mosdef2000 says:

    You have a better …
    You have a better chance of manipulating the whole arm at the wrist in this application because the wrist is the furtherest joint he can touch from the body due to the fact that he threw a punch. So he guides the wrist down while steping away from and blocking the second punch at the same time. This works best when the opponent is tense which turns the arm into a lever that can influence the whole body posture. Take notice the block performed looks kinda like a hard karate block.

  3. KevinJohnBeltran says:

    Wait, I don’t get …
    Wait, I don’t get how the palm jerk block works at 2:35 Can someone explain it to me?

  4. Wing Chun simplicity says:

    Not if you have a …
    Not if you have a good teacher, you can just know one style, as long as you know what all you are up against and how to handle it.

  5. ohwhatacereal says:

    somebody please …
    somebody please provide me with a link to order this video

  6. sherwinbc says:

    I agree, very true …
    I agree, very true….

  7. Asensory2 says:

    @whoisteahlee: It …
    @whoisteahlee: It is far, far better to delve deeply into one martial art, and really understand what it has to teach than to collect styles like coins. A little boxing, a little grappling, a dab of Taekwon do, etc. will result in someone who most likely will not bee very strong or powerful, nor have a deep understanding of the underlying principles. Learn one martial art to a a level that surpasses just an understanding of the basics, that is to say, beyond “black belt” if it were applicable

  8. MrBrandonlee96 says:

    the best …
    the best instructional wing chun video yet on u tube thank you sifu wong

  9. holygroove2 says:

    So true.
    So true.

  10. holygroove2 says:

    Love the sound …
    Love the sound effects and the music – so 70’s, but this is cool to see. This cat was a fighter.

  11. MrBrandonlee96 says:

    this is the very …
    this is the very best instructional wing chun video on you tube no doubt

  12. Jimpancee says:

    unless one has 3 …
    unless one has 3 arms and the other has 6 feet it´s not about “style”. It´s about anatomy, physics, brains, will and spirit. Therefor one should live eat sleep and breath motion – and truely try to figure out who he is so he can express himself physicaly in an (self-)honest way… instead of limiting himself to a box called “style”.
    I understand your point, though. One has to be serious in what he does – but following limitations can impossible be serious.
    No offense. I´m only a searcher myself

  13. MrBrandonlee96 says:

    wrong if you do …
    wrong if you do not concentrate on ONE style only then for sure you well limit yourself..
    Before you can move to another style first you must learn live eat and sleep your primary style

  14. xSilkify says:


  15. lacacadecolores says:

    I trained WC at a …
    I trained WC at a school taught by a master whos teacher was WSL. Wing Chun is a slow process, what poeple dont understand is that wing chung is not about force, but about being as simple as possible. It is very effective, but you cant try something once and expect to be an expert, you need a good teacher and much practice time.

  16. Hoshiru1 says:

    “…Like Anderson …
    “…Like Anderson Silva or GSP.” GSP is short for George St. Pierre and that’s why he is the current reigning, defending champion in that division. Most of the current champions have cross trained in karate or have a karate base and they’ve wiped out the divisions. UFC is starting to evolve from the days when mediocre standup skills was enough to get by if you want to be champion.

  17. XieTianXieDi888 says:

    “if these UFC …
    “if these UFC fighters had half the skills that these WC/Karate masters have they would be unstoppable. Like Anderson Silva or GSP.” What about a WC/Karate master that cross-trained in BJJ. Case in point, Karate black belt, George St. Pierre.

  18. XieTianXieDi888 says:

    Small joint …
    Small joint manipulation isn’t allowed in MMA. That’s the main reason you won’t see Aikido in the UFC. Aikido came from Aiki-Jujutsu which is the source of jiu-jutsu. BJJ is very prevelent in the UFC. Also some of the edge that these traditional martial arts have are lost in an MMA setting because they break the rules. And yes anyone who doesn’t train in grappling is going to have a hard time in a grappling situation.

  19. jakeyalmighty says:

    those sound …
    those sound effects were not added after recording.

  20. Newguy935 says:

    Not be water but …
    Not be water but like water, water in itself doesnt know when to become a tidal wave as nature commands but those like water can summon their own tides

  21. Newguy935 says:

    1:54 Lol

    1:54 Lol

  22. Newguy935 says:

    its that easy eh?
    its that easy eh?

  23. Cacktopus says:

    mma is just …
    mma is just haymakers

  24. Hoshiru1 says:

    @THEpillows100 …
    @THEpillows100 well its because many traditional WC ppl dont. Your group happens to do them. Im addressing all traditional arts that are frowned upon today due to MMA (WC,karate,aikido). But Im explaining why they arent in the UFC. To compete in the UFC your level of conditioning, grappling and strength needs to be on par with theirs. And while there WC ppl who adapt these things, they havent done so to the extent to compete in the UFC because their aim isnt to be pro fighters.

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