Where did all chinese martial arts came from?



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  1. tommo says:

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    rough guess.

  2. Jack says:

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    chinese historian by day vigilante by night

  3. Thomas says:

    I’m not sure, the name certainly doesn’t give it away
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  4. callsignfuzzy says:

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  5. Lewis says:

    Avoiding the temptingly obvious answer, there was no single place that every Chinese martial art came from. The most common theory is that the earliest styles came to China from India. There are stories about famous monks travelling to temples such as the Shaolin Temple to find fat monks that sit around meditating all day gaining more and more weight. This lead the monk to decide he would teach them yoga, in order to get fitter. These monks then adapted their yoga, making it a form of self defence whilst they travel around China. The earliest form of Shaolin Kung Fu was born.
    That is not to say that it was the origin of all Chinese martial arts, but Shaolin Kung Fu has influenced many of them.
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    Martial arts practitioner since 8 years old, deep interest in traditional martial arts.

  6. CTC says:

    China… Obviously….
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  7. Tomo says:

    Some styles came from India and some styles were created in China even before the arrival of the Indian monk. The more linear types or hard styles are mostly from him and the circular types or soft styles are from taoist priests.
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