This video comes from China’s Got Talent. It is a creative illusion rings show. The performer has made amazing effects by rings. It is worthy to watch, please vote for it if you like it.
This competitor named Jiuji (in Chinese: 九吉),.
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Duration : 0:3:19


25 Responses to Visual art, illusion rings show on China’s Got Talent Chinese talent show, by Jiuji.

  1. juziotrompka says:

    Know anybody the …
    Know anybody the song name ?

  2. sayminn says:

    01:44 Mickey Mouse
    01:44 Mickey Mouse

  3. wereing307 says:

    1:43 thumbs up if …
    1:43 thumbs up if you saw deadmau5

  4. justin nerona says:

    Level : Asian
    Level : Asian

  5. SuperOokami says:

    Boys Noise-Oh!
    Boys Noise-Oh!

  6. Kross NG says:

    what the man! …
    what the man! why are you so incredible???!

  7. tom joneey says:

    so YES is YES in …
    so YES is YES in chinese i take it lol

  8. Lechovux says:

    not that smooth, …
    not that smooth, ouka’s better…

  9. MiKEY83091 says:

    Mickey Mouse or …
    Mickey Mouse or Deadmau5? 1:43

  10. Shin Sakura says:

    supposed to be …
    supposed to be asian cuz there japanese and korean people who can do that XD

  11. mehsam Zaheer says:

    amaxng ya… ^_^
    amaxng ya… ^_^

  12. Shawsh2143 says:

    Too bad I can’t …
    Too bad I can’t understand a single word. :( Performance still awesome as fuck.

  13. ttycc13 says:

    He didn’t say that …
    He didn’t say that he invented ringarts, but he invented this dance/performance!

  14. AlexplayPT says:

    Song name pls
    Song name pls

  15. murderzx says:

    Search …
    Search PerformerOuka on YouTube,he is the original creator of ringarts,that performer said the lie.

  16. SEUMusic1 says:


  17. Brendensaurasrex says:

    I bet that’s how …
    I bet that’s how you get chicks in Japan

  18. STEVEN LEE says:

    This is super cool …
    This is super cool…

  19. StephenSchleis says:


  20. StephenSchleis says:

    the end he made a …
    the end he made a Daedmau5 head. lol

  21. TecKBoTy2000 says:

    song name pls 😀

    song name pls 😀

  22. wat152 says:

    The chinese guy to …
    The chinese guy to the right reminds me of Simon

  23. FootBallVideosHD1 says:

    i love chinese …
    i love chinese claping!!!!!

  24. klever Terrace says:

    Super Great! We …
    Super Great! We need International Got Talent and English voice over. Soo Cool.

  25. TheSkyline001 says:

    he have ten …
    he have ten fingers. Each hand

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