0 Traditional Chinese Painting  Chinese flower bird painting   Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.A 5 Star rated Magic Cricket. You cant rate them. They’re always preset. :o) HAH!
I was just practicing the bits that makes Crickets and I thought this would be a fun idea to paint simply the loose bits.
See what you think.
A cute twist at the end.

The Magic Cricket. Chinese Bird and Flower (And Cricket) Painting.

Duration : 0:4:28

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6 Responses to Traditional Chinese Painting -Chinese flower bird painting – Pure Chinese Art! Nothing more.

  1. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Ha! Hi again. Well …
    Ha! Hi again. Well, for what he is, he took alot of work. But I wanted to see the idea in moving pictures. :o)
    Thanks for lookin’ in!

  2. dashpoet says:

    The one that got …
    The one that got away! Clever stuff…

  3. ChineseCalligraphy says:


  4. DANILISHINA says:

    lol! lovely and …
    lol! lovely and wise cricket, really….

  5. johnburnap says:


  6. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Rated * * * * * ( …
    Rated * * * * * (coz I’m like that. Heh heh!)
    WOW! Real Live Magic… in THIS! The modern age.
    And I didn’t know I had Wizards powers. :P
    Best wishes to all who call by.

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