DREAM ON, a special performing Art recognized by UNESCO as Artists for Peace was brought to India for the very first time and particularly to Chennai on Sunday, the 10th of January 2010 by Benedict Savio, Event director from the Dubai based GLOBAL MEDIA BOX, a company floated by the former visual communication students of Loyola College, Chennai.

The Oscar Award Winner A.R. Rahman who was the Chief Guest was literally in tears when his compositions like JAI HO, VANDHE MATHARAM and CHINNA CHINNA ASAI were sung by these Chinese Artists with hearing, visual impairments and also people with physical disabilities. Interestingly, these physically challenged people performed this event to raise funds as a peer support for the patients at the Sacred Heart Leprosy Hospital at Kumbakonam in INDIA.

Duration : 0:5:41

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25 Responses to Thai manne vanakkam song performed by Chinese Artist

  1. akashs55555 says:

    sweet guy god bless …
    sweet guy god bless him for singing vande matharam

  2. chumma25 says:

    Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! …

  3. hottie6069 says:



  4. naushadmatwankar says:

    very nice ok its …
    very nice ok its good ok

  5. 1inTrillion says:

    Amazing how the …
    Amazing how the Chinese are mastering the technology and culture of the West and East. For those who suddenly feel proud about that Chinese artists are singing in Tamil, you need to be aware that there are Chinese in China now learning and fluent in several Indian and other regional languages… this is because they are prompted by their Government to learn – its a strategy to take control of the region… Now many Chinese students speak better English than their counterparts in India.

  6. 94953019 says:

    hoooooooooooooo …
    hoooooooooooooo greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  7. pksandeepkumar1 says:

    A R… The Living …
    A R… The Living GOD

  8. shmlovely says:

    Rahman, you made …
    Rahman, you made india proud. you are passing the real spirit of india to world..
    we salute you…. vande matharam —- thai manne vanakkam

  9. mummadiamar says:

    best vandematharam …
    best vandematharam i have ever herd

  10. mummadiamar says:

    man he is tooo good
    man he is tooo good

  11. mujeshame says:

    i love you so much

    i love you so much

  12. kamalakannanmsajce says:

    This is why MUSIC …
    This is why MUSIC is said to be a spiritual language. Its only the music, who can bring two hearts together, and hence two castes, and hence two religions and at finally TWO countries. I wish all the best to ARR for globalizing the Indian music and hence the Indian culture. VANDE MATARAM.

  13. ashickarnold says:

    love you umma umma …
    love you umma umma umma umma ummma ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma
    tamil engayum kalakum

  14. 1333ASHOK says:

    salute u,,,,,,,,,,,,
    salute u,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. dineshdante30101989 says:

    Vande mataram …
    Vande mataram Salute

  16. selva313 says:

    great great, i hav …
    great great, i hav no words, salute u .. i admire

  17. ofaby005 says:

    great great, i hav …
    great great, i hav no words, salute u

  18. ambattur53 says:

    See arr’s reaction …
    See arr’s reaction wen he sings de line THAAI MANNE VANAKKAM… he s a tru TAMILIAN…

  19. mgopina1 says:

    ARR conquered the …
    ARR conquered the world

  20. kilarsblood says:

    @prayas2010 nicely …
    @prayas2010 nicely said man..

  21. kilarsblood says:



  22. sanmusicpg says:

    speechless. …


  23. satlipmd says:

    oru vaarthayum …
    oru vaarthayum puriyala…..!
    rahman paadiyathe puriyala. paavam intha chinese paadiya puriya poguthu(but hats off to this guy)

  24. haydos00 says:

    ennaku rhomba …
    ennaku rhomba santhosama iruku………….proud to be indian….thai manne vanakam :)

  25. saveethacts says:

    wooo really super

    wooo really super

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