Sun Tzu The Art Of War 1/10

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Sun Wu (simplified Chinese: 孙武; traditional Chinese: 孫武; pinyin: Sūn Wǔ), style name Changqing (長卿), better known as Sun Tzu or Sunzi[1] (simplified Chinese: 孙子; traditional Chinese: 孫子; pinyin: Sūnzǐ; pronounced [swə́n tsɨ̀]), was an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher who is traditionally believed and most likely to have authored The Art of War, an influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. Sun Tzu has had a significant impact on Chinese and Asian history and culture, both as an author of The Art of War and through legend. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War grew in popularity and saw practical use in Western society, and his work has continued to influence both Asian and Western culture and politics.

Historians have questioned whether or not Sun Tzu was an authentic historical figure. Traditional accounts place him in the Spring and Autumn Period of China (722–481 BCE) as a military general serving under King Helü of Wu, who lived c. 544—496 BCE. Scholars accepting his historicity place his supposed writing The Art of War in the Warring States Period (476–221 BCE), based on the descriptions of warfare in the text. Traditional accounts state that his descendant, Sun Bin, also wrote a treatise on military tactics, titled Sun Bin’s Art of War. (Both Sun Wu and Sun Bin were referred to as Sun Tzu in classical Chinese writings, and some historians thought that Sun Wu was in fact Sun Bin until Sun Bin’s own treatise was discovered in 1972.)

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25 Responses to Sun Tzu The Art Of War 1/10

  1. hommhommhomm says:

    @DeeJayJive Thats …
    @DeeJayJive Thats what she said

  2. GuitarDestroyer77777 says:

    @limwang75 I don’t …
    @limwang75 I don’t know which illness bothers you, my friend. But you obviously do not understand that China was ruined by Qing dynasty, CCP, and colonial idiots like you. Before that China was a greatest civilization on Earth. U.S. lost a war in Vietnam because U.S. is terrible, terrible in strategy, they killed 5+ million of civilians, burned villages, and left a behind, like they always do.

    I will give you a friendly advice, go do some serious study in history and moral.

  3. limwang75 says:

    vietnamese won b …
    vietnamese won b ucz usa alloew them to win  and china usa will u up if u mess with taiwan chian is a country of imitator a pathetic 4000yrold nation chase catching up to a 200 ur old nation wat a buncha loser u may have more men but with a push of a button and som sarin gas we usa u up

  4. vietorkorean says:

    “Know your enemies, …
    “Know your enemies, know yourself and in a hundred battles you will never be in peril”
    truly one of the greatest quote in history.

  5. ComradeMing says:

    @KatiushaVN4 LOL …
    @KatiushaVN4 LOL zipperheaded bitch. I saw a documentary where Nat GEO interviewed General Giap and he said that without the Art of War Vietnam wouldn’t have won against US. LOL! You got owned.

  6. KatiushaVN4 says:


    Stupid Chinaman, stop calling me bitch.
    BTW, I saw the article from a news paper long time ago an interview with General Giap

  7. ComradeMing says:

    @KatiushaVN4 Where …
    @KatiushaVN4 Where is your source bitch? Or do you dream about like that?

  8. KatiushaVN4 says:

    In …

    In fact, General Giap said: “In the Art of War, it recommends that small force should never fight against bigger force.” And then he continued: “If I had followed the Art of War, I wouldn’t have been able to liberate my country Vietnam.” Then he smiled.

  9. ComradeMing says:

    @KatiushaVN4 …
    @KatiushaVN4 General Vo Nguyen Giap bitch.

  10. KatiushaVN4 says:

    Who …

    Who gave credit to the Art of War?? Tell me the name

  11. ComradeMing says:

    @KatiushaVN4 Art of …
    @KatiushaVN4 Art of war suck? Are you retarded? Didn’t your VietCong slave master gave credit to the Art of War for the Vietnam war? Stupid hypocritical shit.

  12. naturesforce10 says:

    @DeeJayJive And i …
    @DeeJayJive And i say he knows a LITTLE more about fighting than YOU DO!

  13. 500mgB12 says:

    @KatiushaVN4 I’m …
    @KatiushaVN4 I’m trolling you so hard, but you’re so smart you don’t notice.

  14. 500mgB12 says:

    @KatiushaVN4 It’s …
    @KatiushaVN4 It’s called rhetoric. Why did you care to respond? :)

  15. KatiushaVN4 says:

    If …

    If you’re not a fool, then why you didn’t focus on the topic but something else?

  16. 500mgB12 says:

    @KatiushaVN4 A fool …
    @KatiushaVN4 A fool is one who doesn’t consider outside the realm of their own thought. Perhaps you should consider your own foolishness. Mine tempted but the simplest of your foolishness. 😉

  17. KatiushaVN4 says:

    Did I …

    Did I mention anything about America and economy? I just said the “art of war” sucked. That’s all. What you bother talking about healthcare and gender for? What a fool

  18. 500mgB12 says:

    @KatiushaVN4 …
    @KatiushaVN4 Judging from your name, raging about Vietnam? Income, healthcare and gender challenges have nothing to do with TAoW or America. It’s because the country is a shit-hole. Why not try to change instead of raging on YouTube? HA!

  19. KatiushaVN4 says:

    the art of war …
    the art of war sucks

  20. kiranrambocus87 says:

    @andy7666 Seek …
    @andy7666 Seek help!!

  21. SomeUser9753 says:

    This is the Obama …
    This is the Obama ritual – with the women.

  22. mantassxmantassx says:

    @DeeJayJive And i …
    @DeeJayJive And i think HE know a little more about fighting than you do pal , becouse he invented it!

  23. andy7666 says:

    @HistoryHmoobGuy …
    @HistoryHmoobGuy Smartest? Yes. Most civilised? No. Most forward thinking and progressive? No.

  24. andy7666 says:

    @HistoryHmoobGuy …
    @HistoryHmoobGuy Only perverts “fuck dogs and horses” & there are deviants in all races, particularily among Blacks and Middle Easterners, you have no point. If you are going to claim Whites are uncivilised why not take every technology, every advance, every great culture – have a look at them & have a good long think. Look around you. See any pattern there? Yep, almost all of it is White.. Slavery is irrelevant, Whites were enslaved in Asia for a millenium but we dont cry about it. Grow up.

  25. andy7666 says:

    @NordenHonor Yes, …
    @NordenHonor Yes, race doesn’t exist – how ignorant of modern science to say otherwise.. *sigh*

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