Sugar Painting – Chinese Dragon

On March 10, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

A very traditional Chinese folk art which is really rarely seen nowadays.

Duration : 0:4:17

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23 Responses to Sugar Painting – Chinese Dragon

  1. jcray214 says:

    And I can’t even …
    And I can’t even draw that thing using a pen and a paper!!!! F*CK!!

  2. gdani111 says:

    NO dont eat it!!! …
    NO dont eat it!!! its artt

  3. blackdragonwingz says:

    I remember eating …
    I remember eating these all the time when I was a little girl. My parents considered them “safer” than most street snacks because of the temperature (to warm up the sugar), lighter sugar content, and beauty. I can still taste them, even though it’s been over a decade since I last had one. I may be some thousand of miles away, but this is one memory I will always cherish. It is a pity that they are a dying breed.

  4. Mianhuang says:

    you could still …
    you could still find some of these artist painting sugars in some major attractions across China. They are usually not over 2 dollars. You got to spin a wheel that has all the Chinese zodiac on it, whatever animal you got, he will make it. I had one in Shanghai before. Thank you all for appreciating the Chinese folk art and culture. I am very proud to be a Chinese. :) You guys should visit China at least once in your life time. China welcomes you!

  5. IronMaidenfanPL says:

    Chujowe, usuń ten …
    Chujowe, usuń ten film ale to już !

  6. YouBazinga says:

    Every now then I …
    Every now then I get more surprised by the traditional hand skills than by any technological modernization.

  7. blahblahlikespie says:

    That’s beautiful
    That’s beautiful

  8. lesserjocki says:

    What skill!!!!!!

    What skill!!!!!!
    It’s hard enough with a brush and ink and he uses a spoon and melted sugar!!!

  9. auwli says:

    I don’t know what …
    I don’t know what the price of it is, but i am sure that he need to get payed more and start his own sugar restaurant

  10. Oikonny says:

    until 3:25 i was ” …
    until 3:25 i was “yeah, already seen that…” but then i shat bricks

  11. bigzamakmak says:

    what is that?

    what is that?

  12. Yoshio350 says:

    It’s too beautiful …
    It’s too beautiful to eat!!!

  13. 123tashin says:

    กู ไม่กล้า กินเลย …
    กู ไม่กล้า กินเลย เเม่ง

  14. scwozii says:

    WHAT the fuck.
    WHAT the fuck.

  15. blackangeluph says:

    So far i had not …
    So far i had not see this in china , would like to try it :) how nice

  16. floopublishing says:

    :O You can’t eat …
    :O You can’t eat that! That’s pure art! :O

  17. myearliesttube says:

    It’s awesome! When …
    It’s awesome! When I was in primary school we kids used to buy this kind of sugar art as snacks outside the school gate. But I haven’t seen them for so many years, until today. Thanks for uploading this clip. It brings back memories of my hometown (Hubei) and childhood. Thank you!

  18. janetang8 says:

    So sorry for his …
    So sorry for his artful product being ate.

  19. animal610 says:

    @lesteragt …
    @lesteragt Everywhere in china 20 years ago. But now it is very hard to find : (

  20. animal610 says:

    @lolbearbear I ate …
    @lolbearbear I ate many of them in my childhood. hahahaha!

  21. Cristobal2101 says:

    :O Awesome, …
    :O Awesome, excellent draw

  22. TheAmazingTwist says:

    wow, this is …

  23. ipoofyou says:

    we chinese eat …
    we chinese eat everything. even pretty things like this.

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