Watch this talented & skillful craftsman wooing the crowds with his beautifully intricate creations. These candies are definitely too pretty to be eaten!!

Duration : 0:5:29

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24 Responses to Sugar Art made by master craftsman from China

  1. BlooDAvriL says:

    actually, there are …
    actually, there are more than one song, most of them are songs to celebrate Chinese new year.

  2. ChesyeoMao says:

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    ( •_•)
    …….mother of god

  3. Axeo19 says:

    I just think this …
    I just think this is sooooo neat!!!

  4. 12345franny says:

    These are so cool. …
    These are so cool.. I want to taste it! Though I’ll feel sad about eating it, it looks so pretty.

  5. kisamania1 says:

    umm does anyone …
    umm does anyone know this song? its beautiful <3

  6. sunny101vip says:

    this makes me miss …
    this makes me miss being in China with my family cause im in america ……….

  7. 1230cccaptain says:

    I think it makes …
    I think it makes the sugar dry faster…and the marble table must be very flat and smooth

  8. 1230cccaptain says:

    electric bike~ very …
    electric bike~ very pop in china recently

  9. 1230cccaptain says:

    it’s marble!!! …
    it’s marble!!! but remember drops alittle bit oil on its surface..otherwise,the suger couldnt take off…when I was kid,my friend did this at my home for fun.

  10. FashionDivaOfBeauty says:

    Okay, everything …
    Okay, everything is amazing, but that bike…. wow.


  11. apple4766 says:

    what do they do it …
    what do they do it on? a slab of marbel??

  12. FreeAsian says:

    The amount of money …
    The amount of money I would give for these amazing artists…

  13. mopar3590 says:

    Absolutely amazing. …
    Absolutely amazing…a true gift from God!  Thank you for sharing you beautiful talent!

  14. MotocrossMasters says:

    You could try High …
    You could try High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Do some research on it.

  15. Grace Zhou says:

    man this why i wish …
    man this why i wish my family never had moved to america. –_________–

  16. ary123 says:

    It’s too pretty to …
    It’s too pretty to be eaten :(

  17. Raysitaas says:

    amazing, then the …
    amazing, then the hot melted sugar fall to his tight 0.0

  18. xnightloverx5 says:

    this amazes me alot …
    this amazes me alot.. i would love to try this o.o

  19. jenifer1226 says:

    cómo es posible que …
    cómo es posible que algo tan difícil de hacer se vea tan simple. Es asombroso!!!!!

  20. doyunkim123 says:

    I want. I want. A …
    I want. I want. A billion ! True food art ^~^

  21. KirisMoment says:

    Woow. *_*
    Woow. *_*

  22. kidowmer says:

    No, it was at …
    No, it was at ambient temperature. The sugar doesn’t stick once it cools & hardens. Thanks for watching! :)

  23. artificiallightz says:

    Is the surface of …
    Is the surface of the table kept cold for the sugar to dry like that? or?

  24. Rhysusswolfybayliss says:

    that DEFINITELY …
    that DEFINITELY deserves to be called art….. its awesome

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