Qigong Chinese Healing Art

On September 19, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

A gentler form of energy practice, Qigong is a beautiful, flowing combination of movements and breathing techniques that stimulate energy flow and promote your natural resiliency to stress and illness. More: http://www.gaiam.com/category/fitness-center/eastern-practices.do

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25 Responses to Qigong Chinese Healing Art

  1. XhessCake says:

    Plz… Get the the …
    Plz… Get the the neck straight first….

  2. zwzwz00 says:

    I am simply amazed, …
    I am simply amazed, I can find my self in gi gong, in fact when I have panic attacks I use gi gong to help me calm down and it just heals my heart. (excuse my english)

  3. SeriousSam505 says:

    there is no need to …
    there is no need to know the stances learn its meaning

  4. Tonysandong says:

    Possibiliter de …
    Possibiliter de s’initier a cet arts ancestral en Chine, au sein de la Shaolin Academie. pour debutants et experimentes

  5. MaQingYi says:

    yes a lot of people …
    yes a lot of people dont realize that this is a very tiring exercise, if you are actually correcting issues within your body and amending connections, then you are actually expending energy, once the body is fully healed you gain energy from these exercises

  6. djfeas001 says:

    movemnts can …
    movemnts can disrupt flow and/or focus. and breathing is only a minor step to help manage this flow, it connects the flux energy to the material body. like connecting fire and water…with air.

  7. yz5954 says:

    Very good. Some …
    Very good. Some minor things are in order I see in you. But overall, very good. I am certain you have equally things to teach me. Very well.

  8. lazrul says:

    Nice exercise, nice …
    Nice exercise, nice setting/scenery and a cool teaching duo. I have one of their other DVD’s and its very peaceful and practical. I feel at peace just watching them.

  9. Ayasdantsi says:

    You also lose …
    You also lose energy in qigong, if healing.

  10. daddiozbenz09 says:

    i have this movie …
    i have this movie its very great

  11. 1zemla1 says:

    Why would other’s …
    Why would other’s movements affect anyone in a negative way? In taoist tai chi there is no focus on breathing. As it is supposed to be the most natural form possible there is no control of breathing. Let go of form. Form is an illusion. How do you think the masters formulated such practices in the first place?

  12. 1zemla1 says:

    Agreed. No chi flow …
    Agreed. No chi flow, no life.

  13. vouzavez says:

    please somebody …
    please somebody help me!sometimes my body freezes my arm just kinda collapses for like 5-10 secs!i get this feeling forever.
    please someone know whta i have?

  14. quartzheart says:

    I was practicing Qi …
    I was practicing Qi-gong and yoga for about 5 years when these two folk came to the city I lived in to teach a seminar about 6 years ago. I went to the seminar which was a full weekend of Qi-gong and oh yes they do know what they are doing and talking about people.

    Lets just say I came away a changed person as I am sure so did they……

  15. mala11845 says:


  16. HeroChrix says:

    lutsch ma an !! xD
    lutsch ma an !! xD

  17. amsiermann says:

    i feel like …
    i feel like electricity in my hands

  18. eunicep79 says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video. I tried this out and it’s very relaxing motion.

  19. fightwolf666 says:

    learn english! …
    learn english! bahhaha

  20. darkspartan330 says:

    seriously is this …
    seriously is this chi stuff real and if so whats its purpose

  21. mexicangaylord says:

    are you serious???
    are you serious???

  22. VladtheEmailer says:

    Unfortunately, most …
    Unfortunately, most of the posters who are stating these kinds of things could never in a million years demonstrate what they are talking about. I own this disc and I have to say it’s an excellent intro to qigong! This particular form is called Wuji Swimming Dragon and was taught to the demonstrator on the DVD by Master Duan Zhiliang of Beijing. However, personally, I’ve found that you cannot feel anything until you are doing about 50 to 100 reps of this form.

  23. alejan79 says:

    I am no qigong …
    I am no qigong master, but this seems to be very energetic internally. The couple seem very intune, with each other, and the air around them. How can anyone gauge their “intention” which is a mental feeling anyway?
    I really really like this exercise, the movement is very universal, peacful and graceful…thanks for posting it

  24. abraxas444 says:

    so why we have body …
    so why we have body ? to move it ,to enjoy the movments

  25. killgm says:

    OMG, you all …
    OMG, you all mistakenly, any death and the posture, QIGONG was not you thinks such, was controls the bodily absorption air the energy, let bodily the potential display, the posture only is the help was mad revolved in the body, is shutting the eye is with contemplates the control to be mad in the bodily interior movement.

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