Chinese brush artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies and pianist Josh Harvey ( improvise together on their DVD “Joyful Brush” available for purchase from and Virginia paints with Chinese inks and silk dyes on rice paper mounted on board.

Duration : 0:8:18


25 Responses to Peony & Butterfly part 1 – Chinese Brush Painting by Virginia Lloyd-Davies

  1. virginiald says:

    You’re welcome! (My …
    You’re welcome! (My translation program says this comment is Indonesian and means “thanks very much for helping me in my work”. How cool is that!)

  2. inyomansupartha says:

    trims sangat …
    trims sangat menolong saya untuk berkarya

  3. Elizabeth13134 says:


  4. Marikuna kakabadze says:

    Oh my god thiis is …
    Oh my god thiis is amaziiing… Great job !!!

  5. virginiald says:

    Excellent! Happy …
    Excellent! Happy painting!

  6. TheChippiestMunk says:

    Thank you ! I will …
    Thank you ! I will practice using these chinese brushes in no time!

  7. virginiald says:

    I have mounted …
    I have mounted shuen or rice paper to an acid-free board in order to be able to move it around smoothly for the camera zooming possibilities. Usually I mount my paper after painting on it.

  8. TheChippiestMunk says:

    Is that paper you …
    Is that paper you are painting on ?

  9. virginiald says:

    Give it a try. You …
    Give it a try. You might surprise yourself! It really doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it. I was awful when I started, but I loved it so much, I kept on trying, and bit by bit, I got better. Good luck!

  10. WolfSummoner88 says:

    I’ve always loved …
    I’ve always loved Chinese Brush painting. Too bad can’t do it myself….

  11. virginiald says:

    lol, yes I did …
    lol, yes I did rinse my brush from time to time, although I had several brushes for different colors, since the Joyful Brush video was compiled from performances I gave with pianist Josh Harvey and I had to paint fast. Check out my 3-part peony instructional video on my channel. I made sure that I showed how to mix the colors on the brush! It will shortly be available for purchase as a DVD. Stay tuned!

  12. sient005 says:

    kinda wish we could …
    kinda wish we could see you picking up the paint with your brush as well to see how you mixed the colours or did you just never wash your brush lol.

  13. diepvriesjuhh98 says:


  14. Mickey Mao says:

    Cool ^^ even though …
    Cool ^^ even though I’m not fond with flowers. But it’s absolutely beautiful.

  15. artAIOA says:

    thank you), yes, …
    thank you), yes, now I see), I was inattentive)

  16. virginiald says:

    I figure that if …
    I figure that if only two people disliked it out of over 100,000 views, I must be doing something right! Keep watching the channel, I’ll be putting up more videos in the weeks to come!

  17. virginiald says:

    I contacted Josh …
    I contacted Josh Harvey, who composed and played the music on our ‘Joyful Brush’ video. He said the name of the music is whatever the name of the painting is. You can hear more of his compositions at his website, which you can find on the video description (Youtube won’t let me put the link in a comment. Sheesh!)

  18. MiaSetsFire says:

    those 2 idiots …
    those 2 idiots which disliked this do not have a brain!

  19. artAIOA says:

    perfect! pls What` …
    perfect! pls What`s the name of the song/?

  20. xxxMelodyOfDawnxxx says:

    yep, same
    yep, same

  21. virginiald says:

    You might find …
    You might find doing the strokes enjoyable, despite a slight tremor. Why not try? Having fun with painting is what it’s all about. You should have seen the out-of-control squiggles I produced for the first few years! But I loved it, so I kept on. Let me know how it goes!

  22. virginiald says:

    I have now uploaded …
    I have now uploaded a three-part tutorial on painting peonies, and demos on bamboo leaves, trunks, side stroke and how to load the brush. More to come soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

  23. ashleyspencermusic says:

    Do you need a …
    Do you need a steady hand to paint this? I have a sight tremor so it’s hard for me to keep steady.

  24. etylers says:

    this music’s …
    this music’s killin me

  25. Mofreh Sarhan says:

    Very nice and …
    Very nice and inspiring just perfect

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