Paper Cutting, a Popular Folk Art

On October 15, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

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Paper cutting is a popular folk art in rural China for several thousand years. Today we will present you some techniques and themes of this folk art.

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7 Responses to Paper Cutting, a Popular Folk Art

  1. specil says:

    thank you, i love …
    thank you, i love Chinese paper cuts, so amazing!!!

  2. stelarxgamerz says:

    Wo juede zhe shi …
    Wo juede zhe shi feichang hao kan. Xiexie ni!

  3. NTDTV says:

    @googlemere101 …
    @googlemere101 Thank you for your support and kind words !

  4. douglasa855 says:

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    Fred has said how he got subscribers on viewsandsubs (.) com US only, check it out…

    is it just me or i eavrybody apart for? mickael, really ugly!

  5. NHRHS2010 says:

    I don’t know; I’m …
    I don’t know; I’m learning Chinese in school and I’m sure that Chinese classes would teach paper cutting. I even learned paper cutting in my Chinese class.

  6. icare4it2 says:

    Is there anywhere …
    Is there anywhere teaching this in US?

  7. googlemere101 says:

    This was very well …
    This was very well done!

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