Online Auction of Fine Chinese Art in NYC

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The auction of fine art doesn’t always take place like this. (show auction house)

[Lark Mason, President: iGavel Auctions]:
“iGavel is an online art auction platform, and there are many independent companies that use it, and my company, Lark Mason and Associates, is one of them. So we have an auction that’s occurring on April 17 and it ends on May 1st.”

Lark Mason is auctioning a selection of Chinese antiques through his online auction platform—iGavel. These pieces make up part of the Asian, Ancient, & Ethnographic Works of Art Auction.

[Lark Mason, President: iGavel Auctions]:
“So in this sale we’ve got some extraordinary items, including an imperial ancestor portrait that is of extraordinary large size. Probably dating to the mid 19th century, likely a prince from the imperial household. The quality of the painting, the workmanship, and the condition of this painting is extraordinary.”

Besides painted works, the sale will feature other forms of Chinese Art.

[Lark Mason, President: iGavel Auctions]:
“We’ve also got a selection of very fine quality carved jade objects that range in date from the Ming Dynasty up to the 20th century.”

[Lark Mason, President: iGavel Auctions]:
“A wonderful selection of porcelain, including a really beautiful vase, dating from the Kangxi period, that incorporates a decoration of peaches. And it has under glazed copper red and under glazed blue, over a very pale Saladin, which is a pale green background. And it’s of extraordinary large size for this particular type and it actually was sold in 1943—in the sale of a famous dealer’s collection that was seized during World War II.”

Western collectors had brought fine Chinese art to America during the 20th century. Yet now in the 21st century, the trend is starting to reverse.

[Lark Mason, President: iGavel Auctions]:
“Today the market’s changes. China has become a powerhouse and Taiwan is certainly extraordinarily powerful economically. So there’re a lot of collectors that want to have back things from their culture.”

Buyers can start bidding on these works of art on April 17th, without leaving the comfort of their home. The online auction will last for two weeks.

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