The world within, creates the world without. NJQ stands for Nei Jia Quan, translated means ‘internal fist’. Nei Jia Quan is comprised of the Taoist internal martial arts Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi Chuan, and Xing Yi Quan, which focus strongly on long-term health and therapeutic healing of the body, their roots come from the tradition of nei gung Taoist meditation. The Taoist martial system are based on traditional Chinese medicine, their focus is health, healing, therapeutic diagnosis and the development of a clear meditative state of mind. Their content is formidable for fighting and sit as the roots of many modern day fighting arts, however, for a practitioner fighting is viewed as a useful by-product.

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24 Responses to Nei Jia Quan – Internal Martial Arts Training

  1. Thomas Palmer says:

    great form
    great form

  2. jonlinlegend says:

    By the look of your …
    By the look of your form and posture, you still rely too much on your muscle strength than internal strength and ‘Chi’, muscle can only last you for so long. Understand this and your martial arts skill and force will grow as you age. Keep it up and good luck mate.

  3. southerncross73 says:

    yeah Manly is a …
    yeah Manly is a magical place to train…

  4. Chris Abbott says:

    looks like it…
    looks like it…

  5. bobw72 says:

    * be
    * be

  6. bobw72 says:

    Great environment …
    Great environment to train in too must inspirational

  7. bobw72 says:

    Exceptional …
    Exceptional looking form

  8. michaelvcelentano says:

    Quick question, is …
    Quick question, is wing chun considered to be on the softer side of the external martial arts? It just seems like it to me as I’m watching demos of it.

  9. ceremonialpork says:

    i am australian i …
    i am australian i learn wing chun and muay thai but i would love to learn an internal art like tai chi or yi quan where do you teach ? yeah my master says the same thing :)

  10. southerncross73 says:

    velly grood …
    velly grood grasszhopperrrrr….

  11. chimak3d says:

    From my …
    From my understanding about Chi is:
    1 the front part of our brain control Mind / Thinking
    2 the both side parts of our brain control Muscle.
    3 the rear part of brain control our internal organs. such as heart, stomach…..
    but our Mind do not NEED to connect to the rear part of our brain. After practise for many years. Our Mind can connect to our rear brain and to be able to control our internal body.
    Can anyone tell me my Understand is right or wrong???

  12. BoarsofWar says:

    Like your knuckles, …
    Like your knuckles,forearms and shins

  13. southerncross73 says:

    which bones?
    which bones?

  14. BoarsofWar says:

    How do you …
    How do you condition bones?

  15. proghog says:

    Top clip Nathan…. …
    Top clip Nathan….. Master Grasshopper IS very proud….
    Though when I look at many of these comments I just realise how many drips there are in the ocean …….

  16. NJQInternalArts says:

    no, sadly I’m not …
    no, sadly I’m not yet at the fly catching stage of my journey :-)

  17. JETKnockout says:

    Check out our …
    Check out our grappling video! You might like it=)

  18. MrJKarate1 says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Hi Nathan,
    Great video, I’m proud of you and glad to have been able to help you along your path. Keep up your good work. You will do well. SENSEI

  19. sk8rgirltwentyfour says:

    sweet as.. this …
    sweet as.. this would help my skatin

  20. coupleofqties007 says:

    There is some …
    There is some amazing guys up here in HK into Xingyi..

  21. NJQInternalArts says:

    There’s not many ‘ …
    There’s not many ‘Masters’ in Oz, my teacher is one but he’d say he’s just a ‘Beginner’, I’d disagree with him :-) I teach these arts to anyone who can come with an open mind, teaching for compete mind, body, and spirit health, application is there of course but not the focus, if fighting’s what you’re after you can always take that away from the practice as well. In the end, what you create is up to you, all I can provide you with is tool, you create the form that is you.

  22. wellnessretreatstv says:

    I have heard of …
    I have heard of Bagua… Can you tell me are there many Masters in Australia?

  23. Thomas Palmer says:

    That looks so …
    That looks so peaceful.. But that sword work is strong.

  24. BulldogGymAustralia says:

    Nice Video..
    Nice Video..

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