Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking

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This new masterwork of Chinese cuisine showcases acclaimed chef Eileen Yin-Fei Lo’s decades of culinary virtuosity. A series of lessons build skill, knowledge, and confidence as Lo guides the home cook step by step through the techniques, ingredients, and equipment that define Chinese cuisine. With more than 100 classic recipes and technique illustrations throughout, Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking makes the glories of this ancient cuisine utterly accessible. Stunning color photography reveals the treasures of old and new China, from the zigzagging alleys of historical Guangzhou to the bustle of city centers and faraway Chinatowns, as well as wonderful ingredients and gorgeous finished dishes. Step-by-step brush drawings illustrate Chinese cooking techniques. This lavish volume takes its place as the Chinese cookbook of choice in the cook’s library. Learn more at 9780811859332&store=books

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22 Responses to Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking

  1. RSMOCROPK says:

    French food sucks …
    French food sucks lol and chinese ppl eat dogs….

  2. ApinkPingouin says:

    Yeahhhh the french …
    Yeahhhh the french cuisine (good) are so Good and Yeah im french [[^=^]] but I prefer japanese Good

  3. koehler65 says:

    i think theyre …
    i think theyre extremely hyping this ladys abilities up, i could make that same shrimp dish ” a la minute”. and why is that so great? almost everything in a real restaurant is cooked a la minuet. and anyone can put big purple flowers on a well placed stack of shrimp to make it look nice.

  4. minikaka1 says:

    At 1:31 the Chinese …
    At 1:31 the Chinese word is 豆豉 not 荳鼓. 鼓 is a drum.

  5. ahfat83 says:

    I guess the old …
    I guess the old lady is teaching mainly Cantonese cuisine, which is one of eight major styles in China.

  6. CHATOHG says:


  7. LePetitGrosse says:

    screw fusion …
    screw fusion cooking, bring back the old stuff

  8. TheLastGreyGhost says:

    exaggerated , …
    exaggerated , successful advertising

  9. TheCaramelflavour says:


    To …

    To be skillfull in cooking traditional Chinese food and to prepare Chinese food with lots of ingredients.

  10. christoabbe says:

    There is no such …
    There is no such thing as chinese cuisine, the country is so large with so many people that region to region the food is as different from each other as Russian and French cuisine. There is no doubt that chinese food has had the biggest impact in the world and obviously is awesome.

  11. Witchvany16 says:

    what is the art of …
    what is the art of chinese cuisine?

  12. Roochfan20 says:

    @marcusyuguang …
    @marcusyuguang Wasn’t there a movement to revive tradition Chinese cooking?

  13. nounever says:

    @otahg yeah the …
    @otahg yeah the traditional stuff or more peasant type food is great, doesn’t have to be the snoby bs added to it.

  14. marcusyuguang says:

    It is a real pity …
    It is a real pity though. Chinese cuisine was truely legendary. But Maoist takeover really killed wonderful traditions. Sure food in China is pretty okay, but if there was no Mao, the food there would exceed nearly all other cuisines. During the Maoist takeover most good chefs, and basically all good whatevers, fled either overseas, taiwan, or hong kong.

  15. mofokraut says:

    the french aint …
    the french aint knowed how to cook. they is not shuld be lumped in with the best. they need to lern the princepals of cooking before they is clamed that they is good cooks.

  16. otahg says:

    @boobtuber06 I …
    @boobtuber06 I like french cooking and I am NOT a snob…well, not as much as you sound.

  17. trotchye says:

    This clip only …
    This clip only shows tiny faction of what Chinese Cooking is. IMO, I would say this book is really more like introduction than mastering Chinese cooking.

  18. oldranker says:

    That quote from …
    That quote from James Beard is a stupid soundbite and an insult. Chinese food has been evolving all the time just the same as Indian food, thai, italian, Indonesian, Spanish even English. If you want great food then take a country like Suriname. It is a true melting pot with great ingredients. You can not make a silk purse from a pigs ear. True diversity comes from cultures mixing together. That is Chinese food.

  19. boobtuber06 says:

    ehh-hemmm… attn …
    ehh-hemmm… attn James Beard: it’s the italians and the chinese; leave french for the snobs and the culinary academians.

    I have two of her books: they are priceless

  20. hotcommentator says:

    Please, please, …
    Please, please, please, MORE of this lady. I cannot emulate the taste of my favourite Chinese Restaurant, and she can help me! None of my cooking books helps either. I need to SEE it!!!

  21. vicmanb says:

    Great ad!
    Great ad!

  22. hxhereca says:

    I like Chinese food …
    I like Chinese food it is amazing!

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