League of Legends Chinese Artwork (Part 2)

On February 27, 2013, in Chinese Art, by admin

Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzlMEKZeXIQ

Part 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH7PIw-U83Y

Part 4 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAgPb7PoDsk

Song : Elena Siegman “115”

Duration : 0:3:51


24 Responses to League of Legends Chinese Artwork (Part 2)

  1. Adrian Stelian says:

    thanks : d
    thanks : d

  2. LordYamikaze says:

    I put it in the …
    I put it in the description :) , “Elena Siegman “115””

  3. Adrian Stelian says:

    name of the song …
    name of the song please : d

  4. havoccentral says:

    “115”. Look up …
    “115”. Look up music for Call of Duty Black Ops to find it on iTunes.

  5. Nurvez07 says:

    Dat last nidalee :0
    Dat last nidalee :0

  6. Tihostup says:

    Two times same …
    Two times same malzahar…

  7. kleriker03 says:

    awesome art !!
    awesome art !!

  8. Ricardo Santos says:

    Song name?

    Song name?

  9. isminnedir001 says:

    emmumu tristana …
    emmumu tristana poppy and rumble singing punk? rofl

  10. PokerOmar says:

    lux is drug !!!!
    lux is drug !!!!

  11. LordYamikaze says:

    maybe ^^
    maybe ^^

  12. detroit559 says:

    someones playing …
    someones playing black ops? :)

  13. wishingstars163 says:

    Was this the kayle …
    Was this the kayle they are using in the new log in menu?!?!? :O

  14. Jack O'Toole says:

    the chinese artwork …
    the chinese artwork gives justice to all the characters!

  15. Poara Catalin Sorin says:

    where i can find …
    where i can find this photos and all the photos from your artwork? just pm me please by the way good job

  16. DaekViper says:

    i just wanted to …
    i just wanted to say that your first video was deleted… what a pity i really liked it but the second is also nice and ofc the third :)

  17. Aelin777 says:


  18. Rin Wakatsuki says:

    why riot dont use …
    why riot dont use the chinese art? i mean many champions’s skin riot made has big hand issues, like nasus and garen, huge hands, and one of ez’s skin has big feet issues

  19. trivoid says:

    Black ops zombies …
    Black ops zombies :3

  20. Kriss Morton says:

    Are these n any …
    Are these n any order?

  21. Mielad ElAfghano says:


  22. TipoPedigree says:


    JIZZ …


  23. vergatul says:

    galio is awesome!
    galio is awesome!

  24. LordYamikaze says:

    at the end of the …
    at the end of the part 3

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