Join and artist Lian Quan Zhen as he shows you how to introduce Chinese painting techniques into your watercolors so you can loosen up and paint more freely. Using only watercolor brushes, paints and paper, Lian explains how to use the materials to bring in the strokes and style of Chinese brush painting. After painting a few small studies designed to get you comfortable with the techniques of spraying, blowing, spattering, finger painting and using your brush in new ways, Lian moves on to paint a pair of ducks in a sunset-filled pond combining traditional and Chinese watercolor techniques. By the end of this video you’ll have be able to create beautiful, spontaneous pictures and, most of all, to have fun while you’re painting.

Duration : 0:5:44


25 Responses to Improve Your Watercolor with Chinese Techniques with Lian Quan Zhen

  1. MorePurpleFlowers says:

    What fun! This is …
    What fun! This is is an amazing technique and it’s great to see the different effects you can get, even just from a spray bottle and your fingers! I’m new to waterpaints and this really looks like fun!!

  2. Don West says:


    As are …

    As are ones personal opinions of many things in life what one thinks is or isn’t art is in the eye of the beholder; For example I wouldn’t call anything done by Picasso or Dali , art though you might.

  3. TheGeo913 says:


  4. mzlwo says:

    grass *
    grass *

  5. theItgirLIamnot says:

    “by the way, glass …
    “by the way, glass is not always green…”
    umm wut?

  6. dawoodmarion says:

    Awesome Video …
    Awesome Video Thanks for Sharing!!!

  7. KazueAC says:

    4:55 I thought it …
    4:55 I thought it was a bird.

  8. jjjjjokerface says:

    This is just the …
    This is just the preview which is why there is not much actual content. I’ve seen a few of his full videos and they are great! I find that most artists are actually more than helpful and love to share their techniques, actually.

  9. dtkid24 says:

    meh , it’s just …
    meh , it’s just some random colors on the paper . Many artists just want to hide how they really create their works ( like the ones behind him ) -.-

    Don’t hate me , it’s just my own opinion .

  10. TheyCannotCatchMe says:

    Wow nice! :) I want …
    Wow nice! :) I want to try this!

  11. enter0title0here says:

    This is really …
    This is really amazing. Really makes me want to specialize in watercolor.
    And I find his ‘bloken’ English amusing. xD

  12. laspilly says:

    nice, but art is …
    nice, but art is something else

  13. HollieHannahxxx says:

    Love it :)
    Love it :)

  14. FjukTheFed says:


  15. Prashansa Sunuwar says:

    By the way, grass …
    By the way, grass is not always green :)

  16. onegaoner says:

    i want to use a …
    i want to use a blush! hot edges!

  17. BrazoDelDiablo says:

    “learn how to blow …
    “learn how to blow with your mouth” lol…..anyways great work!!

  18. Sandra Knight says:

    I just love this …
    I just love this technique, Lian. Beautiful variations in colour just from the 3 you started with. I am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  19. IcyPineappleSundae says:

    haha ikr 
    haha ikr 

  20. LUVTheMotels says:

    Very inventive! I …
    Very inventive! I truly learned a few things watching this video.

  21. Dingpoodle says:

    There’s a …
    There’s a stereotype that all Asians are very disciplined and put an incredible amount of time into practicing and studying something.

  22. Beea555 says:

    ” talent ” is what …
    ” talent ” is what you are born with

  23. DrWulla says:

    his voice kind of …
    his voice kind of remains me of Borat !

  24. gillianlovee says:


  25. 55sarajevo says:

    you border me …..
    you border me …..

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