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Music by: Jason Shaw
Title:Landra’s Dream

Duration : 0:1:20

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25 Responses to Hidden Dragon Nails – Chinese New Year Nail Art Design for SHort nails (Remake)

  1. rachiepie6 says:

    @Oceanfires It’s …
    @Oceanfires It’s not my video… I just commented on it.

  2. Oceanfires says:

    @rachiepie6 Hello! …
    @rachiepie6 Hello! This is wonderful to notice and actually quite timely. That’s because only yesterday I was mentioning to someone dear to me that it would be fun to learn how to do intricate designs on my nails. But how was beyond me. It seemed impossible. So imagine my surprise when your dragon design came up while I searched for videos to share as chinese new year greetings! Such fun! Thank you so much. I like hearing you speak through the tutorial. It’s charming. Thank you.

  3. Navneet709 says:

    @HitsuHinaFan854 …
    @HitsuHinaFan854 ahahaha lool

  4. HOTTIE15303 says:

    Plz make more
    Plz make more

  5. AddictiveNails says:

    check out …
    check out AddictiveNails plzzzz:-)

  6. duppyrules says:


  7. SuperWowstyle says:

    nice design! i am …
    nice design! i am ur fan!

    hope u would chcek out my channel and my nail design videos too!

  8. CherryCoke741 says:

    I like the videos …
    I like the videos with your voice better than the videos with just the words- I like hearing how to do it while watching you do it- rather than having to see the words and watch u at the same time :) I am definitely subscribing if you keep doing voice overs :)

  9. polishjunkie44 says:

    i♥ the videos with …
    i♥ the videos with ur voice it is soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. polishjunkie44 says:

    hey guys i have …
    hey guys i have some nail art videos on my channel they are pretty awesome and i hope that you will check them out i am just getting started on youtube and it would mean the world to me if you would watch and comment and if u like them please subscribe thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. rachiepie6 says:


  12. rachiepie6 says:

    I like the voice
    I like the voice

  13. TishyTasha12 says:

    To be honest…I …
    To be honest…I don’t mind the voiceover!:)

  14. brendayjuani says:

    I love your voice- …
    I love your voice-overs! Very soft music and calm explanitory directions, I really hope you keep it that way. :)

  15. RCSVC says:

    I likethe voice …
    I likethe voice over

  16. DD23Star says:

    I think this …
    I think this design is super cool for Chinese New Year! Love the voice over!

  17. paula2707atope says:

    monster high …
    monster high please!!!!

  18. BeautyExplosionx says:

    Voice over <3
    Voice over <3

  19. kenyoalyse says:

    voice overs please …
    voice overs please :)

  20. herkson101 says:

    Go voiceover!
    Go voiceover!

  21. theresalynntran says:

    omg you’re so …
    omg you’re so adorbsss!

  22. jessiee158 says:

    Love voiceover(:
    Love voiceover(:

  23. prothegreat says:

    please subscribe …
    please subscribe to my page people and show me love im a young rapper from Melbourne Australia on the come up, #Donttrip

  24. cmn718 says:

    Hehe australian …
    Hehe australian accent :3

  25. shyfly825 says:

    @meliney Definitely …
    @meliney Definitely! I loved the voice over BTW

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