April 05, 2011 CBC News

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13 Responses to Growing Concern About Arrested Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei

  1. CODHVideos says:


    Nice …

    Nice intelligent post.

    Full of wisdom.

  2. GuanYu89 says:

    @CODHVideos LOOL …
    @CODHVideos LOOL white retard

  3. yerk3 says:

    @HelmetBlissta So …
    @HelmetBlissta So do you think all artists should be thrown in secret dungeons and possibly killed? Because that’s what the logic of your argument leads to. If you’re talking about the sunflower exhibit, the “waste of resources” actually revitalized the kiln town where the porcelain seeds were made, saving many of the residents from bankruptcy. Are you a stooge for the Chinese government?

  4. thewhiskeyrebel77 says:

    Good Lord!!!! Who …
    Good Lord!!!! Who is that chick at the beginning.

  5. teddyinajapan says:

    Hey America Go bomb …
    Hey America Go bomb them !!!! OH wait China owns America

  6. afferch says:

    Ai Weiwie is a …
    Ai Weiwie is a pretty good name for him he’s kind of fat for a Chinese guy.

  7. jackjillsean says:

    Majority of the …
    Majority of the Democrats and Republicans should move to China …….
    Besides feeling at home with the Tyranny they could ruin their rise by war mongering and more cronyism. Only after we’ve paid the debt.

  8. HelmetBlissta says:

    The mans an idiot. …
    The mans an idiot. What a self-indulgent waste of resources. The money this cost could have paid for real food for hungry people. The irony of hearing a man say he doesn’t have free speech, now that’s art.

  9. CODHVideos says:


    I …

    I meant to say the Chinese government is the most brutal against free speech, and other factors.

    Not the normal citizens*

  10. CODHVideos says:

    Poor China, such a …
    Poor China, such a unfortunate place.

    May the people have their freedom. Out of anyone in the world the Chinese are some of the most brutal people against freedom of speech, and other factors.

    Sad that the British turned it into rich men’s playground after the Opium Wars.

  11. luc649 says:

    @Ryguy1450 same here
    @Ryguy1450 same here

  12. Ryguy1450 says:

    @luc649 it’s only …
    @luc649 it’s only 12 in Washington but MIKE YOURE THE MAN! Once I get out of poverty I’m gonna donate monthly!

  13. luc649 says:

    Mike…do you ever …
    Mike…do you ever sleep ?

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