Green Chinese Art

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Art can be presented in many forms. For Chinese Artist Ju Duoqi, green is where it’s at. Here’s a look at her unique form of expression.
Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” painted in tofu.

David’s “Napoleon Crossing the Alps,” except it’s really vegetables on potatoes.

Chinese artist Ju Duoqi’s kitchen is her studio and vegetables are her paint.

Sichuan-born Ju’s art breathes new life into ordinary vegetables, taking green art to the extreme.

Lumpy potatoes grow facial expressions and radish roots twist into Botticelli’s Venus.

The thirty-five-year-old says she wants to bring art into everyday life, proving it exists in every household kitchen.

[Ju Duoqi, The Vegetable Museum]:
“This is just very easy, I just take a knife and slice. One cut can turn it into so many different things. In my view, this is very simple.”

These simple techniques pay Ju ‘s bills, as photos taken off of the art pieces go for between 1,500 and 2,000 U.S. dollars each.

[Li Xiang, Gallery Visitor]:
“If I could afford it, I would definitely buy one, they are worth it. She is very innovative.”

“Cabbage Monroe, a vegetable version of Warhol’s 1967 pop-art ‘Marilyn Monroe’, sold within a few hours of the exhibition to a foreign buyer, hungry for what could be called “Crop Art.”

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    know who are u
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    i think world should not have u guy being here u just want to destory the all human race ……………….

  2. alpswissart says:

    i like the green …
    i like the green art. often i did create workshops by creating colors out flowers, stones and plants. friendly barbara streiff from the alps of switzerland

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