I have the great pleasure of welcoming Christopher, an expert on Imperial Chinese Art, to my show Tuesday evening. Chris has been collecting Chinese Art for more than 40 years, has worked as a curator & adviser to various museums & collections on this subject, and he has lectured extensively on the atelier within the Forbidden City & summer palaces, discussing court costume & textiles, ivory, jade, porcelain, paintings & calligraphy. His collection consists of objects which came from these Imperial workshops, and which were used by the Emperor & imperial household. On Tuesday evening Chris will concentrate on art & artifacts created during the Ching (Qing) or Manchu Dynasty (1644-1911), the last Chinese dynasty. He will be bringing from his collection: court robes, imperial cushions, a painting on silk from the hand of the Empress Dowager, T’zu Hsi, and a porcelain vase presented to the Empress.

Duration : 0:59:41


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  1. rcarmes1941 says:

    fantastic, he is so …
    fantastic, he is so interesting what knowledge and beautiful objects

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