First Spring by Yang Fudong

On November 29, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

‘First Spring’, A contemporary Film by Chinese Art Star Yang Fudong for Prada.


Geng Li
Ji Lili
Zhao Lei
Gao Xiu Li
Jacob Coupe
Adrian Sahores

Duration : 0:9:18

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17 Responses to First Spring by Yang Fudong

  1. colingermanalbrecht says:

    That’s absolute …
    That’s absolute Great.

  2. DeniedSweetness says:

    Just out …

    Just out of curiosity, why do you think so?

  3. vickyvicks0 says:

    this is so …
    this is so beautiful!

  4. 4ehovamandy says:

    thank You.Love …
    thank You.Love PRADA.

  5. mgmrpony says:

    this is one of the …
    this is one of the most embarrassing things to come from a respected fashion house in a long time.

  6. otomaruma says:

    that made for a …
    that made for a really great ad campaign…but NOT a short film.

  7. HunterMann says:

    Beautifully shot & …
    Beautifully shot & edited but I’ll pass on the clothing line.

  8. toky12 says:

    brilliant – simply …
    brilliant – simply brilliant

  9. hamu1222 says:

    i love the …
    i love the suitcases!

  10. ipreferns says:

    my left foot its …
    my left foot its beautiful! ok ok that was harsh. but really wtf

  11. kellyeunh says:

    lord this is the …
    lord this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever watched in my life.

  12. Farfalla7Malva says:


  13. watchsoever says:

    what kind of value …
    what kind of value was he wanted to create? quite meaningless!

  14. bennyjournal says:

    thx for uploading , …
    thx for uploading , love it

  15. yolandio says:

    me likey!
    me likey!

  16. plastinates says:

    the men look so …
    the men look so delicate walking telephone lines. miucci can do no wrong!

  17. wishywashydark says:

    omg stunning
    omg stunning

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