Ohlone College Art 103A
Professor Kenney Mencher
(Art History Stone Age Technology through the Early Renaissance)

A brief history of Emperor Qin and his tomb.

Duration : 0:8:54

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3 Responses to Early Chinese Art 5: Tomb of Emperor Qin

  1. Bournetolive says:

    Also be careful …
    Also be careful when you talk about Qin Shi Huang’s tyrannical tendencies, especially the book burnings and scholar killings. I’m not denying he did that, but they were often exaggerated in Han accounts in order to deligitimize the Qin dynasty and instill legitimacy in the succeeding Han.

  2. Bournetolive says:

    “Keep out the …
    “Keep out the Mongols from north” – actually, Mongols did not exist as a distinct group until the end of the Tang/beginning of the Song. Back then, I believe the main threat was the Xiongnu confederation. Plus, QIn Shi Huang’s walls are not the ones shown in the picture – those were built/renovated by the Ming.

  3. darkflame4441 says:

    Great Video. thank …
    Great Video. thank you!!!

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