I would love to know what you people think. I mean, having to see a Chinese martial arts practitioner gaining money and fame as a gladiator rather than pursuing Dao and defending his or her home. Doesn’t that sound sad?

No cause everything evolves. If everyone stayed the same then we would not progress..


11 Responses to Do you think MMA is a disgrace to traditional martial arts?

  1. NGUYEN says:

    no. MMA is a new generation of martial art, it inherite from many old martial arts and have its own unique technique
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  2. Scott says:

    No, its just a sporting competition.

    These guys are not Gladiators, there are no weapons involved and nobody is getting killed on purpose.
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  3. Paul J says:

    There will always be a few creeps who thirst for blood. Those are your cage fighting fans. Just the ideas of people entering cages to fight would nauseate normal human beings.
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  4. Karateka says:

    No. But I do think that the people who say that all traditional martial arts suck and MMA is the only way to really win a fight are a disgrace to all martial arts. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be different MMA styles and they’ll be what people call traditional.
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  5. Stephen says:

    At first it does sound sad but you can also do good for yourself and others with money and fame.
    MMA is not a disgrace to traditional martial arts however people who claim to teach martial arts or MMA and truly know nothing martial are the biggest disgrace. There are plenty of "frauds" out there and it’s sad some who are guilty of helping wreck martial arts don’t even realize it.
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  6. YetiCoraba says:

    No, its a really good demostration of skill. Just as a tournament is. It lets you know you know what your doing and if you dont know what your doing you learn real quick. It lets this "chinese martial arts practicioner" know he can actually defend his family.
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  7. Jon S says:

    No, it is really good for traditional Martial Arts. Traditional guys have had to reevaluate their effectiveness thanks to MMA which has led to a generation of better martial artists.
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  8. Aaron R says:

    nope while I do not personally like mma(ufc fanboys caused this I think) it takes a lot to disgrace the whole of the art

    I mean some of the flowery display stuff you see where the person does not even understand what the motion means and is essentially dancing is worse and the mcdojos of course

    the fighters in the ring(octagon/cage or other) can disgrace themselves easily and many of them often do the promoters are pretty bad and their claims of ultimate supremacy you get that from many masters true and fraud as well

    you speak of money and fame from martial arts well what of the soldier who becomes a great general he gains much glory and money for his work and often he will be called to do things that are less than ideal in a dao sense(I thought it was spelled tao)

    but the art as a whole is unfazed … it takes a lot to disgrace an idea as grand as martial arts
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  9. Cam says:

    I think anyone who is close minded to tradition and or modern trends in martial arts is a disgrace to martial arts.Granted Mixed Martial Arts is more of a combat sport than martial art but look at Muay Thai fighters or Boxer’s from the 1930’s in America, in some cases fighting in competition can help one to escape poverty,combat sports are also a testament to skilled athletes who are giving an exibition of a fighting system for people who in their primal instincts that lead to conflict can appreciate and that is for traditional martial arts that are combat sports and the modern MMA,I say primal instincts because even animals fight,granted it is done out of necessity but so are combat sports they are also another means of testing oneself ,think of it as a sparring match with slightly different rules so as to test oneself if the need to use the skills learned should arise someday
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  10. Ken P says:

    I think one of the problems with your argument is to think that all traditional martial arts have the same concepts as your Chinese martial arts. You are focused on a narrow Eastern idea of martial arts, while others have different ideas, like an ancient pankratiast would look at your idea of ‘pursuing Dao’ as a disgrace to their arts. MMA player just have a different philosophy than your Eastern/Chinese martial Art, not better or worse just different.
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  11. Ricky says:

    No cause everything evolves. If everyone stayed the same then we would not progress..
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