Hi I’m Ben Hedges and welcome to Discovering China. The show that brings you the boundless beauty of Chinese civilization. Coming up this week…

We visit iGavel auctions in New York to take a look at an up-coming sale of Chinese art.

Hear the story of the Qingming or Tomb Sweeping Festival

And check out a fashion show of traditional Chinese clothing, put on by miniature models.


Chinese art work is highly acclaimed and attracts international buyers at auction houses across the world. I took a trip to iGavel Auctions in New York city to talk to president Lark Mason about an upcoming sale of Chinese Art.


The Qingming festival marks the beginning of April and is a time when Chinese people traditionally sweep the tombs and pay respects to their ancestors. But how did this tradition start?


Now we go to Taiwan to find out more about the cuisine of the Qingming festival.


Since 2008 NTD Television has been promoting traditional Chinese Han Couture through its global competition series. On April 4th, Children’s Day was celebrated in Taiwan and Hong Kong. On Children’s Day NTD held a competition for kids to take to the catwalk wearing traditional Chinese Han Couture. Here’s more from New Taipei City.


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