Theft by Chopsticks :

This chopstick thief from China innovate the stealing art through chopstick.

Dear Chinese guys, be-aware of this chopstick thief .

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Duration : 0:0:22


17 Responses to Chopstick Pickpocketing | stealing arts only in china

  1. Sven L. says:

     Pickpocketing …
     Pickpocketing level: Asian

  2. Jonatha De Sousa says:

    If this was Skyrim …
    If this was Skyrim he would have pickpocket skill 82 and Sneak 93.

  3. PTLam2153 says:

    This is the REAL …
    This is the REAL martial arts!!!


    Imagine how much …
    Imagine how much these thieves can make in one day just by pickpocketing an American couple.

  5. noregrettvb says:

    how he not know?
    how he not know?

  6. ExpertSwimmer says:


  7. jamespohh says:

    Wha? Can’t make …
    Wha? Can’t make out a word of what you said. It sounds like bargle nargle zous or something. Come again?

  8. burnit01 says:

    LOL… WOW very …
    LOL… WOW very good come back u got me, very cleaver. There is two problems here, one I am not talking I am writing clearly you cannot hear me, and the second problem is that your this come back was weaker than your previous stupid comment before, so ill give u couple of days discuss among your friends and come up with better come backs and reply again ill be waiting…LOL i love people like u, honestly on youtube.

  9. jamespohh says:

    What was that? I …
    What was that? I can’t hear you with all that in your mouth. Come again?

  10. burnit01 says:

    You are speaking …
    You are speaking the same language as I am speaking u fool…

  11. jamespohh says:

    better than the …
    better than the gibberish you speak

  12. meafriend1498 says:

    the good guy was …
    the good guy was dumb though. I can’t believe he didn’t even notice the guy.

  13. biokey says:

    love it how they …
    love it how they use Naruto music in there as if a fights about to break out

  14. aibeijingful says:

    @burnit01 No?
    @burnit01 No?

  15. burnit01 says:

    I love the language …
    I love the language….Ching ching chong ching ching….

  16. CheapAntivirus says:

    china hahaha…
    china hahaha…

  17. triken49 says:

    And no one does …
    And no one does anything?! This is just incomprehensible!

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