chinna chinna aasai song by Chinese artist

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DREAM ON, a special performing Art recognized by UNESCO as Artists for Peace was brought to India for the very first time and particularly to Chennai on Sunday, the 10th of January 2010 by Benedict Savio, Event director from the Dubai based GLOBAL MEDIA BOX, a company floated by the former visual communication students of Loyola College, Chennai.

The Oscar Award Winner A.R. Rahman who was the Chief Guest was literally in tears when his compositions like JAI HO, VANDHE MATHARAM and CHINNA CHINNA ASAI were sung by these Chinese Artists with hearing, visual impairments and also people with physical disabilities. Interestingly, these physically challenged people performed this event to raise funds as a peer support for the patients at the Sacred Heart Leprosy Hospital at Kumbakonam in INDIA.

Duration : 0:4:18

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25 Responses to chinna chinna aasai song by Chinese artist

  1. princejijk says:

    Gosh! She is …
    Gosh! She is physically challenged. Eventhough she is very pleasantly singing the song perfectly.

    Hats off guys and gals. Hats off!

  2. aravinddavitking says:

    i love my ar rahman

    i love my ar rahman

  3. ktprajeesh says:

    i love the way you …
    i love the way you sing…………

  4. rubenraj83 says:

    Her pitching and …
    Her pitching and raagam is perfect..Hats off

  5. rambayt says:

    இசையும் தமிழும் …
    இசையும் தமிழும் ஒன்னு.
    இதை மறுப்பவன் வாயில மண்ணு!

  6. mitos505 says:

    she got the mucis, …
    she got the mucis, she cute & got the looks for the song….supep

  7. thethethethe1231 says:

    i dont understand …
    i dont understand but nice voise

  8. 360sasi says:



  9. vishalAlexandery says:

    I want to marry her …
    I want to marry her, seriously. I want her number.
    my imail is

  10. ashickarnold says:

    beautiful voice …
    beautiful voice lovely
    shee too

  11. cakabre97 says:

    what’s her name?????
    what’s her name?????

  12. selva313 says:

    amazing AR .. good …
    amazing AR .. good performance for Chinese artist… for our mother tongue.. proud of ar and TAMIL

  13. MrRaju361 says:

    cute voice
    cute voice

  14. jagathwickramasri says:

    she is really …
    she is really talented

  15. ramino78 says:

    She is cute.. no …
    She is cute.. no doubt about it. She is not Chinese I think she is a thai.

  16. Deenstyle123 says:

    Really nice and …
    Really nice and very very cute, She is really talented… OHH look at the cameras flying around her…

  17. balakrishnan95 says:



  18. krishn76786 says:

    Cute buddy how she …
    Cute buddy how she sings so cute and sweet and the figure also super , china figuroda tonguela tamil senthu tamil velayaduthu ha ha ha ……………….

  19. kaiserqureshi says:

    Why is she on wheel …
    Why is she on wheel chair?

  20. anjanakannan18 says:


  21. Oceexx says:

    hw nize…… it’s …
    hw nize…… it’s amazing…….

  22. varunalavanthar says:

    I LOVE …

  23. scientistmechanical7 says:

    wat to say…? …
    wat to say…? great…

  24. izak1347 says:

    The wonders music …
    The wonders music can do to the world…!

  25. MrLetzma says:

    very very very very …
    very very very very nice

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