Chinese Police Martial Arts Training

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ChineseMartialArts88 Police Martial Arts Training

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24 Responses to Chinese Police Martial Arts Training

  1. shreeyadz870 says:

    it makes you …
    it makes you stronger

  2. SIDxAki says:

    Better than good… …
    Better than good……in other words, dont test this guy in the streets and keep believing asians are bruce lee cause this guy will drop you.

  3. kenseisato1989 says:

    for being cops i …
    for being cops i think thats pretty damm good.
    better then your average 5.10ft 250lbs cop that eats donuts

  4. Meguio Laoshir says:

    Learned a bit. It …
    Learned a bit. It takes years to become a Shaolin Kung Fu experts. I agree you probably do suck but keep training and post ten years from now about your progress.

  5. Meguio Laoshir says:

    No, the glass …
    No, the glass bottles are made of thin glass. He should have tried some thicker bottles. The first try would have knocked him out.

  6. ewald lai says:

    the skull was made …
    the skull was made from metal

  7. SETHRYAN15 says:


  8. Dreadedaries says:

    “BAD BOYS BAD BOYS… what you gonna do? what you gonna do when they kung-fu you?”

  9. Kudiz says:

    hardening your weak …
    hardening your weak parts is essential

  10. mr0scary says:

    What really is the …
    What really is the point of smahing bricks with your forehead? how is it useful?
    “Oh, i need to get past this brick wall.. good thing my head can break it!?”

  11. PDunkel66 says:

    The Chinese Police …
    The Chinese Police are trained in Jing Quan Do not Shaolin Kung Fu.

  12. aqian1018 says:

    What he practices …
    What he practices is shaolin style martial arts. I learned a bit as well… but I suck…

  13. crocgator44 says:

    Sleeping Dogs 2 : …
    Sleeping Dogs 2 : Wei Shen, Beginnings xD

  14. FraggingBard says:

    UFC isn’t a real …
    UFC isn’t a real street fight man, there’s no syringes on the ground, no glass, no curbs, and it’s not made of concrete. Ground fighting is fantastic in UFC thanks to the rules, but it’s the worst possible thing you can do in a non-rules based fight.

    BJJ is good to know, but not your first recourse in a fight. Ever.

  15. Draconic says:

    was about to say …
    was about to say that lol :)

  16. YOmanLALALALA says:

    this guy is made in …
    this guy is made in china and those fat police are made in usa

  17. dafuki says:

    and going to the …
    and going to the ground will be better? are u fscking serious? they won’t stomp you on the ground? lol

  18. budakabaru says:

    sponsored by nike. …
    sponsored by nike….

  19. minhminh41 says:

    not traning this is …
    not traning this is examination

  20. azazizik says:

    wood, glass, brick …
    wood, glass, brick made in china!

  21. Elitedavid says:

    shaolin kungfu….
    shaolin kungfu….

  22. Sazendora1337 says:

    Who stands still in …
    Who stands still in a group fight -_- if you’re moving around, not too much, not too little, you’re less likely to get knocked down

  23. noodlehup194 says:

    wei shen the early …
    wei shen the early year….

  24. tatsumakisempyukaku says:

    if youre fighting a …
    if youre fighting a whole bunch of people, standing is useless too cuz you’re gonna get your knocked to the ground anyway while 10 people stomp you with their timberland boots

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