Chinese Paper Cutting Tutorial

On April 14, 2013, in Chinese Art, by admin

chinese paper cutting is a folk art that has a long history.

Duration : 0:4:45


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  1. Marshalmapy says:

    like your voice… …
    like your voice… bg music too!!

  2. SuperCreator88 says:

    What if you’re a …
    What if you’re a boy and you dont like hearts. -.-

  3. mavis amoh says:

    oh my god you are …
    oh my god you are soo good god bless!!!

  4. Jobin Sun says:

    Hi chinese learner …
    Hi chinese learner , welcome add my qq group to practice chinese(Chinese&English:229776426)

  5. suon dina says:

    my mail: suondina@ …
    my mail:
    send it to me. ^^

  6. suon dina says:

    nice work!!!
    And …

    nice work!!!
    And the melody is so lovely, can i know the title?

  7. Christina Parker says:

    This video is so …
    This video is so very helpful to understanding how chinese paper-cutting works! Thank-you so much for uploading, I hope you did well with your class, the video was nicely done and edited : ) I loved the effects that surrounded your instructions.

  8. geoff ong says:

    nice music, can …
    nice music, can you tell me the title of the song please? Xie xie

  9. camryn wilson says:

    竖起大拇指学习中国的学校里,我做的!! …

  10. wanita s says:

    thank you very much
    thank you very much

  11. Mica Ella Borcen says:

    Nice one! This is …
    Nice one! This is our artwork. So I gonna research or find some cute and awesome like this! Thanks. :)

  12. Zimah Lovesyou says:

    So useful! I had to …
    So useful! I had to do this for my Art homework and it worked out nicely! Pretty sure Im gonna get great marks for it. :DD

  13. awesomehorse1678 says:

    Nice! I like the …
    Nice! I like the blue and the green ones

  14. vistigioful says:

    I’m guessing that …
    I’m guessing that you can make all kinds of different designs by drawing on the triangle.

  15. Kevin Sun says:

    zuo de hen hao. …
    zuo de hen hao. zhen bang. wo ye ting xi huan ni lu se de. cooooooll!!

  16. cilcy says:


  17. ThePlazma38 says:



  18. thenadamagdi says:

    thank you so much! …
    thank you so much!!! I love it

  19. melodyyhijiko says:


  20. Kush Patel says:

    I love how he …
    I love how he talks in third person!!!!!!!! Bahahahahahahahahahah

  21. ravenous456 says:

    thanks gonna use …
    thanks gonna use this to my project thanks cute voice tooo!

  22. powerdalam says:

    awesome…and i …
    awesome…and i think you must like heart shapes….every of your design got heart shape

  23. RJonStreetz says:

    papercut- linkin …
    papercut- linkin park—> thats what i was looking for!!!

  24. Keegan Hall says:

    Great tutorial! I …
    Great tutorial! I really like your voice too.

  25. fiona29054 says:

    good job!! are you …
    good job!! are you do you live in china? if you do you should use chineese red paper 😉

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