Panel discussion with two world-renowned Chinese artists, Yue Minjun, and Zhou Chunya, and two Chinese Art critics, Lu Peng and Liu Chun, who will gather to talk about Chinese art today. In conjunction with a special installation at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Duration : 1:46:11

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2 Responses to Chinese Contemporary Art – Panel Discussion

  1. yazzzz3 says:

    Hi I’m working on …
    Hi I’m working on an essay about contemporary Chinese art at the moment and was wondering if there is a transcript for this panel discussion? Thanks

  2. sunflowerhk says:

    Tired of seeing …
    Tired of seeing people asking general questions regarding Ai Weiwei. But the professor offered a very intellectual and discreet explanation of Ai Weiwei as an artist and politician (from around 1:37:00 onwards). His careful and reserved commentary tells a lot. I partiuclarly his final phrase: “我们要对所有事情有清楚了解之后,才能做出最后的判断。”

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