Chinese Candy Making

On August 21, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

This art is starting to become rare, even in China. This is a childrens game where you spin a wheel and get whatever pops up on wheel. Instead of spinning, I chose the one I thought would be most interesting to make. The process is very interesting to watch. The people of china are very talented. Lo fi video in a public park in Baoji, China.

Duration : 0:4:56

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25 Responses to Chinese Candy Making

  1. RicoDuroska says:

    -gay voice- Hai, …
    -gay voice- Hai, yeah, sweetheart, you’re a faggot.

  2. panamajin1 says:

    Wow this is …
    Wow this is amazing! 😀

  3. grapeooo says:

    This is very normal …
    This is very normal in China street , I miss my chilhood .

  4. Jaeharem says:

    Might want to …
    Might want to actually click reply to me next time so I would get notification. But I have no idea what you are trying to say here though. First, I don’t think you understand the definition of the word fictional. Unless you think I am a computer, it doesn’t make any sense. I never mentioned anything about enjoying the candy… and finally Chinese dragons are not real (except for the mythology or concept.) You might want to read my whole conversation w/the other poster before commenting.

  5. epiclyepic0713 says:

    People keep …
    People keep coughing -.- Their germs are probably all over the candy

  6. RO00RO00 says:

    يا عيني *,*
    يا عيني *,*

  7. NannaMorrison1 says:

    @igs28281 the most …
    @igs28281 the most nasty is that he stands infront of the sugar…

  8. gullermoannalissa says:

    I wanna eat that
    I wanna eat that

  9. vanessa withheart says:

    slobber slobber …
    slobber slobber lick lick yum yum… I want some candy

  10. Adindastrawberry says:

    @shugoshugo123 You …
    @shugoshugo123 You bite it. Yummm^^

  11. Adindastrawberry says:

    @jayyBooomm It is a …
    @jayyBooomm It is a piece of polished marble. Sugar syrup or melted chocolate will quickly harden on it. :)

  12. jayyBooomm says:

    whats the surface …
    whats the surface that they use to make the candy? so it doesn’t stick.. I see it a lot in videos like this

  13. HdBurningblade says:

    shit got serious …
    got serious at 1:28

  14. rockisbetter says:

    woww, i would eat …
    woww, i would eat that on a trip

  15. ginywiny says:

    its just a cold
    its just a cold

  16. rafikingkong says:


  17. shugoshugo123 says:

    are you suppose to …
    are you suppose to hold the stick and eat it like lollipop and cotton candy?

  18. Dakkosa says:

    Over reacting much?
    Over reacting much?

  19. MrEydem1 says:

    Level: Asian
    Level: Asian

  20. featherywing says:

    I used to get these …
    I used to get these when I was a kid living in china, about 15 years ago. This brings back memories!!

  21. aliciachin0305 says:

    What a beautiful …
    What a beautiful candy dragon looks YUMMY I want one

  22. skiie says:


  23. QChii says:

    most of the candy …
    most of the candy in china is factory made as well, this is just a small part, and it’s mostly for entertainment – aka for tourists. The sugar used tastes normal. It’s the same as getting a hand-dipped candy apple from Disneyland.

  24. magickelise says:

    Understand that in …
    Understand that in the west, most of our candy is factory made in big machines that wouldn’t know a dragon from a lizard. 😉

  25. vistigioful says:


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