Chinese Artist Disappears

On May 17, 2012, in Chinese Art, by admin

Meet Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin…also known as ‘the invisible man’.

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25 Responses to Chinese Artist Disappears

  1. yoossepp says:

    I believe it’s not …
    I believe it’s not about just the painting, millions people can do the same, but what’s the unique thing about this is got to do with the concept. :)

  2. joiless says:

    Yeah, he’s just …
    Yeah, he’s just coming up with the ideas, letting people paint him, standing completely still for who knows how long, and picking the designs for which building he’s going to mimic. No, you’re right, he’s not a performance artist, he’s an easel.

  3. kitsunekaze93 says:

    sherlock homes 2 😀
    sherlock homes 2 😀

  4. valiumsummer says:

    Kent State.
    Kent State.

  5. MrTyAaron says:

    DiagonalUK, do you …
    DiagonalUK, do you guys travel the world to get this video, or do you just happen upon it and upload it?

  6. JackAttack686 says:

    thumbs up, if …
    thumbs up, if jackass 3d brought you here

  7. rossyboy1081 says:

    you’re looking at …
    you’re looking at this because of the ads!

  8. masterchief9064 says:

    Aren’t his painters …
    Aren’t his painters the real artists?

  9. ultragarrison says:

    He is not talented. …
    He is not talented….The painter is!

  10. BlackRoof says:

    British Gas is …
    British Gas is doing a deal with ISRAEL to STEAL Palestine’s natural gas.
    See the clip below then write to your MP and Number 10 to stop them!


    …then tell everybody.

    Thank You.
    (click screen name)

  11. TheCoconutchips says:

    Liu Bolin has been …
    Liu Bolin has been doing his Hiding in the City series since 2005. It started as a political commentary on the tensions between the Chinese government and their people and the identity an environment gives an individual and vice versa. Liu Bolin will be exhibiting at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York from June 29 – August 28, 2011. Eli Klein Fine Art represents him exclusively in North and South America. More images can be found on our website.

  12. bobchillaxd says:

    that’s cool.. i had …
    that’s cool.. i had no idea.

    “Now my art is cultural, it represents the diminishing humanity in today’s society.”

  13. DrizzyDrake757 says:

    @ motosportjunkie . …
    @ motosportjunkie … he paints himself… search it up..

  14. motosportjunkie says:

    thats stupid, hes …
    thats stupid, hes not the artist hes the one standing there…the other guys should get the recognition for painting everything.

  15. HumanistWikitopian says:

    @PrometheanRunGood …

    What is “pretentious” about the username “HumanistWikitopian” or a simple descriptive statement of facts?

    What would be the point of having a YouTube profile/channel and not describing who I am or what my channel is about?

  16. PrometheanRunGood says:

    You win the award …
    You win the award for the most pretentious title/name on youtube.

    “Humanist Wikitopian is a 30 year old British freelance writer, blogger, scientist, armchair philosopher, theoretician, futurist, skeptic, free-thinker, activist, campaigner and internet entrepreneur. He gained a BSc honours degree in ‘Physics with Space Science & Technology’ in 2001 from the University of Leicester. “

  17. leonidhaimov says:


  18. TheKATofficial says:

    interesting, but …
    interesting, but this technique takes to much time to hide when someones pursuit you…

  19. Theninja347 says:

    Blend in to the …
    Blend in to the mirror… Do you even understand what you’re saying?

  20. wWeFaN031694 says:

    i hope that they`d …
    i hope that they`d give more credits to the people who actually does the painting.

  21. lilylessons says:

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
    Anyone want to learn Mandarin online with me?

  22. HumanistWikitopian says:


    Google: …

    Google: “Tiananmen Square Massacre” and find out!


  23. 200ike says:

    What does this …
    What does this mean? :ooo

  24. Gonzaga78 says:

    a can still se you
    a can still se you

  25. 9LoL1 says:

    seems to me like …
    seems to me like he’s the model not the artist

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