Chinese Art Selling at Record Prices

On July 1, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

Chinese Contemporary art is hot. Recent international auctions have far exceeded expectations with one painting recently setting a new record for a contemporary Chinese artist. Among today’s most prominent Chinese Artists is Yue Minjun, whose signature laughing self-portrait has earned accolades from critics around the world. For producer Joseph Mok, Elaine Lu has more

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5 Responses to Chinese Art Selling at Record Prices

  1. arteculturaoggi says:

    watch my video …
    watch my video about Treccani italian painter dead

  2. ehs790 says:

    Smiling idiot is …
    Smiling idiot is just benefiting himself but really stabbing himslef by helping westerners promote thier racist thoughts towards Chinese and his ancestors. No one would by this if it wasnt for the existence of westerners who are racist enough to call it art . It looks like crap elementary school kid drawings.

  3. low1957 says:

    Interesting …

    Interesting video.
    Please log on to: you tube low1957, to view a fine piece of painting done by Master Xu Beihong in 1941.
    T Q

  4. gregieb0i says:

    Yue Minjun just …
    Yue Minjun just became my hero.

  5. HendriXperience89 says:

    such wonderfully …
    such wonderfully sick visual treats!!! *****

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