Wen Fu Liang is the first artist in China to specialise in the field of egg carving. The news programme shows how he crafts his exquisite and delicate designs, ranging from famous Chinese landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors and Big Goose Pagoda to auspicious Chinese symbols and animals.

In May 2011 Fu Liang was awarded the highest award in Chinese Arts and crafts, the “Hundred Flowers Award”, and his works were selected to represent ShaanXi Province in the China pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo as well as the 2010 Xi’an International Horticultural Expo. He is a member of the China Arts and Crafts Association and the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association.

To delicately carve such detailed and minuscule designs takes a lot of patience, a steady hand and attention to detail. Only 70% of eggs are successfully carved from start to finish – it only takes the slightest touch to accidentally crack the eggshell and tens of hours of carving will have been in vain. Fu Liang selects his eggs carefully from local farmers using only the best quality duck, goose and hen eggs. He then begins a laborious and time consuming process of removing the contents of the egg by drilling a tiny hole at the bottom of the egg, disinfecting the shell, developing designs for the shell’s surface and then finally can he begin the art of carving. It takes approximately three entire days to carve the egg and Fu Liang has developed his own techniques and tools to master the craft. The carvings are displayed with colourful LED lights shining from the inside which emphasises the extraordinary detail and workmanship of the piece.

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