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On June 20, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin


time to release my first really longer movie project :)

this isn’t maybe masterpiece of art, i lost my motivation and time during the edit. you can see that from last part, but i hope you enjoy :)

movie made for #team-china who made the awesome jumps. they really showed again the chinese skill to whole world! players who made the jumps are: k3g, i3s, zefix, ziper, iceman, skicg, missi0n, 26 and tragedy!

so they made the jumps, and i edited this as a my first movie under tag of KZ-Pictures. i hope you really enjoy!


duration – 08:42
codec – ffdshow x264/h264
filesize – 335 mb

by jusuuh

Duration : 0:8:43

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25 Responses to chinese art by jusuuh

  1. lolex169 says:

    26 is insane
    26 is insane

  2. TheN0oK says:

    k3g legend…
    k3g legend…

  3. miikapz says:

    Harmi kun tuo …
    Harmi kun tuo sonycopyright riehuu täällä youtubessa niin ei nää enää muutamia hyviä clippejäs =(

    Perun vanhat sanani että tämä on huono :).

    Katoin vaan vähän syvemmälle mitä silloin niin tästähän syntyi oikein katsottava kz elokuva.

    Atmosphere,jumps ja typical jusu songs :)


    – randd

  4. akseon13 says:

    best movie (after …
    best movie (after Noir York) for me!

    K3g legendary edge buger (:

  5. BuTaMuHyC says:

    best movie ever, …
    best movie ever, the most great jumper was ziper

  6. randdkz says:

    I remember when …
    I remember when this released and i was like OMFG this is so good.

    Now days if i watch it i have same feeling. (estos on pois)

  7. KingElite177 says:

    2:53 map?? Pls …
    2:53 map?? Pls answer me

  8. Jusu09 says:

    @BagetaMovies it’s …
    @BagetaMovies it’s doube edgebug in two invisible walls, very impressive and hard.

  9. BagetaMovies says:

    7:53-7:59 what is …
    7:53-7:59 what is it? edgebug on clip texture? i dont understand that

  10. FuriousPicturesHD says:

    @Jusu09 ok
    @Jusu09 ok

  11. Jusu09 says:

    @FuriousPicturesHD …
    @FuriousPicturesHD we don’t have the question “can we?”

    it isn’t just a moviemaking clan,

    it’s the original, first and still the only place where kreedz moviemakers meet each others. i bet none of us even want make a movie with illegal settings (if not like bibo – high or surf etc), that’s a shame for kreedz. of course we can make but not release under tag of kz-pictures.

  12. FuriousPicturesHD says:

    oO nice movie mate …
    oO nice movie mate but i have 1 question. can u only edit 10aa movies when ur in kzp?

  13. LSD1337Movies says:

    6:28-6:50 / 7:53-7 …
    6:28-6:50 / 7:53-7:59 very hard 😀 GJ!

  14. underwaves1 says:

    Incredible movie …
    Incredible movie jusuuh i love it and the jumpers are very good the best for me is k3g Great job to all!

  15. BuTaMuHyC says:

    ziper has very good …
    ziper has very good bhop

  16. Jusu09 says:

    @RenQyTV not lol 😀
    @RenQyTV not lol 😀

  17. RenQyTV says:

    4:04 auto bhop ? lol
    4:04 auto bhop ? lol

  18. qpadkz says:

    @snak921 hahaha, …
    @snak921 hahaha, ofc I meant 26 😀

  19. snak921 says:

    29 or 26 ?

    29 or 26 ?

  20. qpadkz says:

    29 is pro!
    29 is pro!

  21. rKhighlight says:

    beautiful movie …
    beautiful movie even though the jumps are a bit boring at some points

  22. payaNkz says:

    Hey jusu, its payaN …
    Hey jusu, its payaN here ..
    My Steam got hacked and my youtube and everything …
    So dont delete me, just ignore the hacker, ive sent an email to Steam , maybe i got it back.

  23. PA7ENCE says:

    @payaN1337 steam …
    @payaN1337 steam wont help you out.

  24. payaN1337 says:

    Hey Jusu :)
    My …

    Hey Jusu :)
    My Steam Account got hacked, maybe i’ll got him back, I’ve wrote an email to the Steam Community and till waiting the answer.
    So, dont delete me, just ignore the HACKER

  25. MunaTuomo says:

    3:22 is leet.subbed …
    3:22 is leet.subbed 5/5

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