Chinese Art Academy “Red Fan Dance”

On August 18, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

Chinese Art Academy Spring Performance 2008

Duration : 0:3:3

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7 Responses to Chinese Art Academy “Red Fan Dance”

  1. zioband says:

    great channel…… …
    great channel……CREATIVITY ALIVE……greetings from italy…. “”visit my web Tooo”

  2. 13243546abcdef says:

    beautiful! thank …
    beautiful! thank you for uploading :)

  3. TheJulietShen says:

    @ …
    Thank you so much!
    It was rough to learn since it’s not like most Chinese dances, but it was fun :)

  4. peaceloveandcrack says:

    @ …
    @NeverEndingDrean124 aww thank you!! :) it took a while to learn

  5. NeverEndingDrean124 says:

    Very, very, very, …
    Very, very, very, very, very, very beautiful.
    I don’t know how hard/easy this dance is, but to me it looks like it is so easy! All you who are/were dancing did an amazing job.
    I <3 the work you put into this dance.

  6. Loneytoon9 says:

    Some are sloopier …
    Some are sloopier then others. And was that someone whistling in the background, or was it just part of the music?

  7. jordyshorty94 says:

    hi,I am a figure …
    hi,I am a figure skater and we are doing an ice show. For one of the numbers we are using a more acoustic version of the song clocks by cold play without lyrics and we are interpreting it as a fan dance, any advice? there is about 20 girls in htis dance and each girl has 2 fans. our coach hasa pretty good idea of what we will do n she has it set up but any arms or anything specific that we could use?

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