Chinese art 2 – by ndR

On July 5, 2011, in Chinese Art, by admin

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m proud to present to you today my latest work.

It took me several months to achieve this project, with a huge inactivity gap in the middle – I just couldn’t give up and let the project die on my Hard Disk, this is why I had to rush the 2nd half of the movie.

Contrary to what the title says and what you could expect, I tried to break the stereotypes we all have about China, this is why you’ll be able experience a KZ movie with powerful music, but not mainstream.

I thought some RL footages could add a bit to the whole project, without being its main point, I hope you’ll also enjoy this side.

Contacts and other informations (e.g. Soundtrack) are at the end of the video.

I hope you’ll have a good time watching it, and feel free to share it around you if you think it’s worth it.


Duration : 0:7:4

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25 Responses to Chinese art 2 – by ndR

  1. lucygoldfeld says:

    kreedz the best …
    kreedz the best movie of the best songs and effects good job


  2. ant0hns says:

    ndR` are you …
    ndR` are you chinese ?

  3. qpadkz says:

    Uber boring
    Uber boring

  4. KlinGisFTW says:

    I´ve seen this …
    I´ve seen this movie so many times, the intro/outro is amazing. you´re good at making “understandable movie”. You should keep doing movies, you´re getting better and better :)

  5. LSD1337Movies says:

    Chinese art 2 , The …
    Chinese art 2 , The Shortcut Movie 2. whats next ? Discovery 2 / brian the movie 4? 😀

  6. FANRaYu says:

    Good Job.:) Song …
    Good Job.:) Song name 4:15?

  7. TheSmile963 says:

    nice girl :d

    nice girl :d

  8. taikEEon84 says:

    <3 love k3g’s edge …
    <3 love k3g’s edge trick

    Hey ndR!
    Next time you can made Taiwanese art 1 :)))
    Good work :)

  9. alkap100 says:

    Real life with …
    Real life with combination of Counter strike = Amazing movie 😛 Good job ndR

  10. 1337GENKO says:

    中國的藝術 ;]
    中國的藝術 ;]

  11. VazhenMoment says:

    Answer me, from …
    Answer me, from where the comes your insipration for the edits?! :O
    I loved it, great video, keep it up Ndr.

  12. Guustavoh13 says:



    kz_xj_3ways [extreme]

  13. m4r1oispro says:

    godlike edit!
    godlike edit!

  14. lolex169 says:

    from this movie and …
    from this movie and the lastest one from you i know for sure.. cs went totally nolife 😀

  15. reiartur1337 says:

    Ur gilrfirend is …
    Ur gilrfirend is beautiful :)

  16. audior011 says:

    from 2:29 to 2:34, …
    from 2:29 to 2:34, what’s the map?
    cool stuff.

  17. TonToLT says:

    0:27 …
    0:27 sv_airaccelerate 100 ?
    Awesome work dude :)

  18. cobrexu says:

    @ender95 As i said …
    @ender95 As i said before,i meant “didn’t understood the last trick” !! It was my mistake …

  19. ender95 says:

    @cobrexu There was …
    @cobrexu There was no special meaning with the lyrics of the song.

  20. ender95 says:

    @renatjoGASPAR …
    @renatjoGASPAR Thank you, I posted a tutorial about the way to make this kind of campath in my channel.

  21. renatjoGASPAR says:

    Loved it! The intro …
    Loved it! The intro/outro was really cool, loved the idea.

    I got to ask you a favour, explain me how do you do that AMAZING CAMPATHS, they are so beautiful! send me a message plz

  22. 101xDxD says:

    @Adantoud gg adan
    @Adantoud gg adan

  23. dexterpapa2 says:

    @cobrexu Last trick …
    @cobrexu Last trick – huge boost jump on nuke , but since ndR sayd he had to rush it , it looks poorly edited , still the rest of the movie compensates for that.Try downloading the movie and slowing it down in your video player to fully understand the trick :)

  24. cobrexu says:

    @dexterpapa2 i’m …
    @dexterpapa2 i’m sorry,i meant the last trick ..

  25. dexterpapa2 says:

    @cobrexu “I am lost …
    @cobrexu “I am lost withouth you” and his girlfriend pops up.

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