CHINA-ART: The buoyant market for Chinese contemporary art over the last few years has made millionaires in the country. But the financial crisis has led to a massive slump in demand for works.

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16 Responses to China’s contemporary art market bubble has burst

  1. fsfs9521 says:

    search Roy Sproule …
    search Roy Sproule to SEE ART IN Phoenix

  2. thegreatfearblog says:

    The very advanced …
    The very advanced visual culture that was achieved in middle age Europe (and Asia) had to be destroyed. The group who took over pictorial art as well as music in the early to mid-20th century, redefined those two arts for very clear political purposes. As a result, Art in the 21st century has no meaning whatsoever. It’s WHO promotes it, WHO sells it, WHO markets it, WHO appoints the “experts” that tells us what Beauty is. I expose that in my “Art” video.

  3. lazzile says:

    I did not realize …
    I did not realize that Contemporary Chinese Art was experiencing any down turn…..

  4. Darioleandro2002 says:

    Goglear Los …
    Goglear Los Mandalas de Kamen

    kamenabstracto blogspot com/

  5. ALLDALI says:

    As a Artdealer I …
    As a Artdealer I have seen many Cinese Art – and I must say most of it wasn’t worth it. Now only the big names will stay…at more reasonable prices !

  6. megmaggio88 says:

    As the director of …
    As the director of a Beijing-based contemporary art gallery, I disagree with almost 100% of the opinions expressed in this video. I wish the makers had spent more time talking to more participants in the Chinese art market. And done more fact-checking. Come talk to us any time!

  7. Tatorandtot says:


  8. Vivaldi1000VolcanoX says:

    Like a tsunami? …
    Like a tsunami? Perhaps not the best Comparison after 2004.

    And I fell asleep through the rest of it.

  9. harshvardhan1 says:

    interesting video
    interesting video

  10. harshvardhan1 says:

    in jewellery too …
    in jewellery too china flooded world with fake glass gemstones and fooled the markets
    and even damaged the original gemstones market
    people go for colours pieces of glass
    they must understand a chinese iis a fake .
    not all the products .
    china is a good country but the policy of eating up world markets is very unhealthy for world .
    let live all in peace .
    and most surprising thing the country which praises marxism communism doing it

  11. harshvardhan1 says:

    what not china …
    what not china marketed “feng shui ”
    oh in india is slump in realestate i tried all feng shui
    ha haha nothing happened

    also when one showers market suddenly and goes to number one very fast
    the same speed is guaranteed ity would come down
    china would become a normal sick poor country by 2015 .
    i can predict scientifically . and sales would go down by 90 %
    people should buy arts made in poor countries so that their makers get bread
    like africa , srilanka india

  12. harshvardhan1 says:

    coldplay i agree …
    coldplay i agree with your words but not completely
    yes they are effective for our budget, but you should also know my friend soon this would be no more once the market fully captured they would raise it and then ?
    suddenly what would happend .
    there would be no otherway to buy a chinses and you would not get an alternative .
    but go di sgreat china is worlds number one country hated ha ha ha
    whether its asia , europe or usa generally peoplehate.
    in thailand they charge 3 times more

  13. coldplayfalloutboy says:

    not buying chinese …
    not buying chinese products wont help the world. Its just compeition.

  14. coldplayfalloutboy says:

    It is true that …
    It is true that chinese goods kill labour in your country. However, thats only because the chinese are mroe efficent at producing goods. Not buying chinese goods are prodmoting inefficent businnesses, therefore wasting reasources. AS for killing labour, the people affected can get new jobs in areas where production are more effeint than chinese products.

  15. harshvardhan1 says:


    WHEN CHINA is eating up your economy europe and usa and whole world

    save world

    quit chinese say no to chinese good s
    when u buy a chinese u kill a labour or your country men who would be affected .

  16. harshvardhan1 says:

    china have eaten …
    china have eaten all world
    not because i am an indian but
    becaus ei know every country and economy and even the rates prices of everything there.
    europe is badly hit
    chiense good r so cheap one day world would have no industries and china would rule

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