deaf people dancing. It’s nice

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25 Responses to China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe

  1. ericjaames says:

    This is simply …
    This is simply amazing.

  2. TheNiroojan says:

    super. …


  3. UsureluAnca says:

    I just came back …
    I just came back from their show in Romania. It was so inspirational. I cried alot.

  4. snowstar08 says:

    this is amazing
    this is amazing

  5. sweetbhikkhuni says:

    I think they are …
    I think they are faking, they are not deaf!! Just kidding, sorry! hehe

  6. ladygaga743 says:

    its really cool
    its really cool

  7. imasagunasekara says:

    Lets within …
    Lets within naughty boys

  8. geretan says:

    so beautiful!!
    so beautiful!!

  9. yasodagangani says:

    Register and meet …
    Register and meet real woman

  10. Ruffwoode says:

    @gsdagent I am so …
    @gsdagent I am so scared that I will be overcome by emotion and cry through the whole show!!

  11. Nemon89 says:

    The most impresive …
    The most impresive part is that they actually can not hear any of this music… that’s unbelieveable that they can be that synchronised without it…

  12. Jenne7575 says:

    It’s amazing
    It’s amazing

  13. gsdagent says:

    Yesterday they …
    Yesterday they performed in Bulgaria. at one moment I started to cry…this was the most beautiful and touching performance that I was seeing in my entire life…

  14. leoparfumuri2007 says:

    Nice !
    Nice !

  15. Pug1949 says:

    I just saw this …
    I just saw this show tonight in Cambridge at MIT. The whole show was beautiful and moving, very inspirational. Some of the acts were a little weak but there were many acts and most of them were excellent.

    I was delighted to hear the erhu played live for the first time, and seeing scene from Beijing opera was most interesting, and it was very well done.

    The opening act (this video) was a show stopper and the “Butterfly Lovers” act was a huge crowd favorite. I recommend this show.

  16. vgirl9999 says:

    wow my granduncle …
    wow my granduncle knows them

  17. Pipweed says:

    lol retards
    lol retards

  18. JorgeTBenitez says:

    ah …

    ah fukin troll…

  19. karmlan123 says:

    @Pipweed, Oh, you …
    @Pipweed, Oh, you commented worst than an animal, you must be living in DEEP now!! Your life must be very very miserable. You should go for a mental doctor.

  20. Jastuna says:

    Such …

    Such beatiful things i’d never see…O.O
    So impulsive and WOW.

  21. shasmina81 says:


  22. derCH820 says:

    it’s beautiful.
    i’m …

    it’s beautiful.
    i’m deeply impressed! =)

  23. RumAngel says:

    they can’t hear you …
    they can’t hear you clapping!

  24. eparadiz says:


  25. CescoPisicoli says:

    No need to give …
    No need to give them shut outs here, they can’t hear u anyway

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