I have a ink/ watercolor painting that has two large mountains with two chinese( Hong Kong) ladies walking along the side and there’s a river seperating the mountains. A small canoe is also in the water, along with a cabin in the scene. Along the right lower side of this painting is two rows of caligraph letters.

It would help tremendously if we could see the painting.


2 Responses to Can anyone tell me what these chinese letter say on a ink/ watercolor painting of two mountains?

  1. cheers says:

    It would help tremendously if we could see the painting.
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  2. dooniebrasco says:

    The row on right is :(欲)借岩阿著茅屋,还当溪口泊渔舟。
    “欲”didnt show in your picture.
    What i write is simplified character and what in your painting is in traditional characters.
    The traditonal is (慾)借岩阿著茅屋,還當溪口泊漁舟.
    There are some differences because there are several style of writing chinese.
    They are two sentence of a poem indited by Suzhe (苏辙)(1039-1112)。
    I try to translate the meaning of these two lines: I want to build a thatching by the cliff,and berth my fisherboat in Xikou.
    The row on left is :六十五年,秋 蜀人 张大千爰。
    Translation is :the 65th years (of ROC),autumn Sichuanese Zhang daqian yuan.
    This row is inscrib :1976 ,autumn, Zhang yuan ,daqian(his another name)
    There is a inscrib similar to yours. http://images.gg-art.com/artist/photos/1ihxl1.jpg

    So ,this is a chinese painting of Zhang daqian,a well-known artist in China .
    References :

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