Maxwell Hearn, the new head of Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, demonstrates the ancient art of understanding and appreciating Chinese scroll paintings.

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  1. HornyGuyElectronics says:


  2. PeacherLiz says:


  3. ptyk says:

    Fascinating!!! …
    Fascinating!!! Intellectual and cutural.

  4. InsufficientFare says:

    beautiful work
    beautiful work

  5. smp4real says:

    i like this
    i like this

  6. TheSleepyGrape says:

    Nice, beautiful, …
    Nice, beautiful, cultural.

  7. solopolo says:

    Thanks Master Hearn …
    Thanks Master Hearn for such a wonderful presentation!

  8. theawesomeviolinist says:

    I love this type of …
    I love this type of art 😀

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