I saw this folk artist producing sugar paintings with liquid sugar along the streets in Tian Jing. I was able to video tape the beginning to end of this specific painting. The painter uses the brown sugar as the raw material, the bronze spoon and a shovel as the tool, and the slab of marble as the “paper”. Sugar painting originated from the Ming Dynasty when sugar animals and figures were made in molds as part of a sacrifice in religious rituals. In the Qing Dynasty, sugar painting gained more popularity. This particular artist was creating paintings with the 12 zodiac animals.

Duration : 0:2:31


4 Responses to Artist creating Chinese sugar painting a folk art in Tianjing.MOV

  1. silvercash64 says:

    It’s all just …
    It’s all just wonderfull ; one can tell he has done this thousands of times before.

  2. ByeStender says:


  3. Kenny Lin says:

    it’s very cheap, …
    it’s very cheap, like 10 to 20 yuan

  4. Hảo Yang says:

    how can i find him …
    how can i find him ? and how much per 1 ??? tks

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