Look at some recent highlights from the Art of War® Fighting Championship, China’s first and only professional mixed martial arts organization!!!

Art of War® FC is the ONLY MMA ORGANIZATION in the world which still allows elbows, stomps, knees to the head on the ground, and the ever popular 4-point attack!

For more information regarding the Art of War® Fighting Championship, or to participate in an upcoming event, please visit our official website at:

Duration : 0:4:36

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25 Responses to Art of War® FC VI Highlight Reel – MMA China

  1. GUARDIANZ13 says:

    this is great stuff
    this is great stuff

  2. lilsm555 says:

    Mma probably doesnt …
    Mma probably doesnt do well in china because of shitty medical insurance.

  3. oasisspirit says:

    @Tracer564 damnn …
    @Tracer564 damnn straightt 

  4. Tracer564 says:

    @oasisspirit thats …
    @oasisspirit thats the way it should be

  5. AFGalwayz says:

    @Tracer564 i hope …
    @Tracer564 i hope so man….im sick of these stupid unified rules where a guy on the bottom cant even up kick the guy on top of him. such BS wrestling favored rules. you can stop 20 takedowns but if one lands and does nothing the guy still wins the round. places like art of war and pride, people took you down to finish you, in UFC people take you down to score points with the judges. i hope the essence and atmosphere of PRIDE Is resurrected through AOW

  6. Tracer564 says:

    @KoolJayJ are you …
    @KoolJayJ are you kidding me?

  7. Tracer564 says:

    to beat a grappler …
    to beat a grappler in ufc or finish him you have to go to the ground with him but in AoW if im a striker and i dont wanna enter his world i can stay standing and kick the crap out of him! and trust me in ufc if ground kicks were allowed so many fights would be different. give it time AoW will surpass UFC and i cant wait. when bruce buffer sais champion of the woooooorld il just laugh then switch to AoW where the real Mixed Martial Artists fight withno rules to hold back the evolution of fighting

  8. MechPhantom says:

    @SunWukong4 no …
    @SunWukong4 no really just watch cung le vs nashun , china lost to USA ,chinese got a thrashing . no joke

  9. SunWukong4 says:

    @MechPhantom Where …
    @MechPhantom Where do you pull stuff out of your ass?

  10. MechPhantom says:

    wow they are good …
    wow they are good but i bet fedor is better than all of them i swear coz hes the BEST !. GOGO FEDOR

  11. MechPhantom says:

    @Oceancolour5 oh …
    @Oceancolour5 oh yea i love dat vid,it shows how the chiense got raped by the vietnamese

  12. GbhytNmkji says:

    Asian sugar babies …
    Asian sugar babies # #

  13. KoolJayJ says:

    0:45 that …
    0:45 that got up, no wander black people always fight in packs with weapons and pick on the least intimidating

  14. Oceancolour5 says:

    Check out Cong Le …
    Check out Cong Le vs Nashun

  15. jmorengo2000 says:

    does anyone know …
    does anyone know the salaries of the fighters in ART OF WAR? with china being a quasi-communist country and all, i dont know if their pay is heavily taxed or slightly more?

  16. fadedsideways says:

    i love this! Art of …
    i love this! Art of War FC is cool!

  17. politie210 says:

    this is gonna be …
    this is gonna be the new pride in a few years DREAM already has more audionce than ufc if dream co promot with them this will be for sure the new pride and might , in china it will be populare and 1bilion ppl will watch it and in japane it will only become more and more and than it come in us

  18. jaunter1 says:

    i think dream and …
    i think dream and sengoku should pair up these organizations maybe even bellator or strikeforce, combine venues, fighters, and the rules, i think they may be able to have a winner here like pride. dream is losing interest with its fans in japan something like this may be just what it needs to boost itself back to life.

  19. eternalfear says:

    2:32 FEDOR WTF
    2:32 FEDOR WTF

  20. Spamdev1 says:

    Can’t Asians even …
    Can’t Asians even get knocked out?

  21. DareDevilWithoutFear says:

    I Like this a whole …
    I Like this a whole lot better than the UFC I read a article about this event and Andy Pi said that He wanted the best of all MMA even rules in MMA China With Elbows, and Kicks and stomps to the ground…

    And No Judges descisions if the fight is not ended it is a Draw but The fights here are much faster and less stalling happens here..

  22. EpikHigh408 says:

    BJJ is the most …
    BJJ is the most fun to watch..

  23. mcjock1983 says:

    looked kwl as feck …
    looked kwl as feck and brutal

  24. anhkhoinguyen says:

    Yeah i love …
    Yeah i love watching Cung Le fight, hes 6-1 spining kicks and punches sure make the fights more interesting, lyoto machida with his karate sweeps n strikes, san shou side kicks n are alot better then watching two guys humping and stalling for 10 minutes is kind of wack.

  25. anhkhoinguyen says:

    The grapplers were …
    The grapplers were doing an awful lot of “Striking” to be considered grapplers……Maybe you should pay MORE attention, even in the UFC knocks outs from standing strikes happen way more then submissions nowadays. watch all the recent UFCs peoples sprawl game is so strong all the fights end up ending on standing strikes n thats a fact lol
    Only 3 out of 10 matches in art of war ended up with submissions i’ll hardly call that grapplers winning LMAO

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