thecashbonus, Shaolin Monks, shaolin kung fuAn Idiot Abroad – China Shaolin Monks Martial Art

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23 Responses to An Idiot Abroad – China Shaolin Monks Martial Art

  1. Relativisticism says:

    karl is true genius …
    karl is true genius he got the needle stuck in the camera man’s arm.

  2. VANGAMME says:

    Seriously, What is …
    Seriously, What is going on here !

  3. punkmediaproductions says:

    okay, it’s cool
    okay, it’s cool

  4. AC120Productions says:

    It’s more about the …
    It’s more about the fact that there’s ads on the video. I’m not dissing his video, just the fact that it’s absolutely pointless to put ads on it due to the amount of views it has.

  5. sciences8 says:

    It was in the …
    It was in the camera man’s arm.

  6. NATA5II says:

    Good job. Now go …
    Good job. Now go find the needle.

  7. dummychaos says:

    Fail? No way! He …
    Fail? No way! He hit the bastard! 😀

  8. ps2nolimits says:

    lol cameraman gets …
    lol cameraman gets stuck

  9. cyberfixa says:

    Scumbag monk:

    “You …
    Scumbag monk:

    “You wanna have a try?”
    Brings him in front of 50 other monks to laugh at him when he fails

  10. punkmediaproductions says:

    I took a quick …
    I took a quick glance at your videos, and your videos have around 200 views, and are mostly CoD videos.
    shut up kid

  11. gonadcancervictim says:

    axe sport blast …
    axe sport blast smells like feces and tennis is gay

  12. AC120Productions says:

    Why would you put …
    Why would you put ads on your video with only 5000 views?

  13. BarelyRegal1 says:

    lol i didn’t …
    lol i didn’t notice that

  14. BawstinBrewin says:

    you’re gonna be …
    you’re gonna be shit out of luck.

  15. SevenSane says:

    That cameraman is a …
    That cameraman is a total pro.

  16. MichaelBallack91 says:

    And then the camer …
    And then the camer man got tetanus and died.

  17. sokondi says:

    I love the …
    I love the expression of the monk when he realizes the cameraman got hit.

  18. jerkylips180 says:

    I’m going to go …
    I’m going to go get a McGriddle. When I get back, I want to see my comment at the top.

  19. SamTheManWhoCanTwice says:

    4:04 Fuuuckkk …
    4:04 Fuuuckkk oofff twaaaat

  20. cheeco8 says:

    hes not a monk, …
    hes not a monk,just a kung fu man

  21. HLecterPHD says:

    whys that 1 guy …
    whys that 1 guy got hair?

  22. baraclude says:

    The needle hit the …
    The needle hit the camera man. LOL

  23. MultiLiam5 says:

    They are Mental …
    They are Mental with a capital M

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